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Q: What common word is used to call a person of both genders?
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What do you call a person who plays the accordion in spanish?

acordeonista (both genders)

What do you call a person with 2 genders?

A hermaphrodite has characteristics of both genders. Check the Greek origin of Hermes joining with Aphrodites.

What do you call a male cecaelia or does the word cecaelia refer to both genders?

A cecaelia refers to both genders, not sure a male or a female.

What do you call someone who likes both genders?

Bisexual - meaning liking both

What do you call a person who practices yoga?

A person who practices yoga is called a 'yogi'. Some call women who practice yoga, 'yogini', but 'yogi' can be used for both, much like the term 'actor' can be used for both genders as well.

What do you call a person who applies for a college?

A student is what you would call someone who is in college.

Do female wolves make a call as well as males?

Yes - both genders can and do howl, as well as other vocalisations.

What do you call a person who both writes and directs films?

"Writer-director" is a common term for it.

Genders of nouns what do you call the female fox?


What do you call the person who can write with both the hands?

A person that can write with both hands is ambidextrous.

What is the symbol of a male?

Male pigs are called boars. Female pigs are called slows. Generally, most people call both genders of the animals just pigs.

What do you call someone who is more attracted to women but still attracted to men?

Someone attracted to both genders is called a bisexual. Whether they like one gender more than the other or both equally.