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Some companies that offer car insurance in LA include Minden Car Insurance, Harvey Car Insurance and Timberland Car Insurance. You can get more information about these insurance providers online at their respective websites.

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Q: What companies offer car insurance in LA?
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Where is the best place to get auto insurance from in LA?

There are many potential auto insurance companies in LA. The best one will depend on one's age, gender and claims history. ABC Insurance Agencies offer good auto insurance in LA as do Progressive.

Which companies offer car rental in LA?

If you are wanting to rent a car in LA it is worth noting that off airport car rentals are often cheaper than hiring at the airport. Some of the leading car rental companies in LA are Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, Payless National and Thrifty. All the major companies have rental outlets both at the airport and around the city.

Where can you find a car for hire in LA?

Eurocar and Budget LA are the cheapest car hire companies available for LA. The prices for these companies start from around ǣ12 a day which is cheap compared to other states in America.

What is the fee for this violation 16028 a vc fee?

$874 in LA County if you have no car insurance at all.As of 1.1.09, it's $25 if you have proof of car insurance.

What auto insurance companies are in LA?

There are many auto insurance providers in the Los Angeles area. I would recommend asking your friends and family about their auto insurance providers.

Is there a trustworthy car rental company near Los Angeles airport?

I always go with well known car companies. Hertz and Enterprise are well known companies that are nationwide. You can work with them in arranging a car in your own area, and then it will be available for you when you reach LA.

Is balance billing legal in la especially to medi care patients?

Balance billing is illegal and prohibited in la especially to medicare patients. The states have regulated the billing and accept the insurance payments so the patient does not have to pay the balance left after the insurance companies contribution.

What LA auto insurance companies have great reviews for customer service?

All insurance companies will cover the Los Angeles area from anywhere in the world. Two of the largest coverage firms with great reviews are StateFarm and Allstate for the best rates and customer service according to policy holders.

What are some companies that offer parking services at the LaGuardia Airport?

There are a few different companies that offer parking services at La Guardia Airport. Among some of the more popular choices are: U Save Airport Parking, Dollar Airport Parking, The Parking Spot, Airpark LaGuardia and many more.

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Typically, health insurance programs are offered a la carte; you pick and choose which services you wish to pay for. Although some insurance plans offer basic dental, it is likely that dental insurance was an option presented to you during your open enrollment period. If you're not sure, check with your human resources office to see what coverages you have.

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