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As with all vitamins you can find many different kinds. Flintstone's Multi-Vitamins for children. According to some Nature's Plus Animal Parade and Children's Multi-Vitamin Liquid are some of the best selling.

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There are several companies making vitamins for children. Some of the most popular brands include Seven Seas, Vitabiontics, Sanatogen and Haliborange.

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Children's vitamins are produced by Smarty Pants in a chewable form. Vitabiotics also have a range of vitamins for chidren in a choice of chewable or soft jelly pastille.

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Q: What companies produce vitamins for children?
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Where to get info on necessary children's vitamins?

Children Vitamins can be found online at Amazon or any other websites that sell vitamins. Also check for any companies online that specialize in children's products or vitamins.

Which vitamins are kosher?

There are likely several companies that produce vitamins in accordance with kosher requirements - an internet search for "kosher vitamins" should bring it up. Please be aware that not all internet companies are legitimate - if you are interested in consuming these vitamins but only if they are truly kosher, I would strongly suggest correlating with your rabbi and synagogue to ensure the vitamins are kosher.

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How does the sun work to produce vitamins?

Sun does not need Vitamins.

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What is the percentage of vitamins in a balanced diet needed for children?

All healthy children need all kinds of best vitamins , the vitamins are vitamin D,C & F.

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>Child Daily Vitamin IntakeIf you have children who do not like taking vitamins each day, then there is something you can try that will possibly get them to change their mind. Gummy vitamins have become a huge hit for children who do not like the consistency of other types of vitamins. There are fun shapes and colors that are sure to entice children of all ages.Children need different vitamins than adults. One of the ways to get children to take vitamins is by getting them to think they are eating candy. However, children should not be told they are eating candy. Vitamins should be kept in a cabinet where children cannot reach them. As children take vitamins, their energy will increase and their metabolism will grow. Some children who are picky eaters will benefit from taking vitamins. Giving children vitamins allows them to eat what they want to an extent and still get the nutrients they are lacking from the foods they do not eat. There are important vitamins that children need. Calcium is one of the most important vitamins that children need. If children drink three glasses of milk each day, they do not usually need an additional vitamin supplement. Vitamins A, B and C are essential vitamins that children need as they grow.Some children do not like to eat vegetables when they are young. If you have a child who eats everything but the vegetables on the plate, they need a vitamin supplement. Children who only eat junk food and do not get the essential nutrients from fruits and other healthy snacks will not grow as properly as other children. Vitamins can play an important role in how your child will grow. Babies generally do not need added vitamins because they get nutrients from their mother's milk or from formula. As children get older, they will need different types of vitamins. Parents should consult with their pediatrician to find out what the best vitamin would be to give their child.

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What are some good vitamins for children?

If you go to CVS or a Walmart you can find chewable vitamins which are better for children because of chocking hazards. Also, try looking for vitamins that are yummy flavors!

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