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Companies that provide building insurance to landlords include Bankrate, Farmers Insurance, Allstate and Landlords' Insurance. Information about building insurance is available on each of these companies' websites.

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Q: What companies provide buildings insurance for landlords?
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Which companies provide home insurance for landlords?

Most major insurance insurance companies such as Allstate, Geico, Metlife, Century 21, etc., do currently provide home insurance for landlords of all types of property.

What cheap landlords insurance companies provide reasonable coverage for price?

There are several insurance companies that provide cheap and affordable landlord insurance. Companies such as Metlife, and State Farm are good starting points.

What companies specialize in selling insurance for residential landlords?

There are a wide variety of insurance companies that specialize in providing service to residential landlords. Allstate, BankRate, MetLife, and Farmers Insurance, for example, all provide this service.

Where can one find information on contents insurance for landlords?

Information about contents insurance for landlords can be found on the websites of companies that provide such a service. A company known to provide contents insurance is Homelet. Information and comparison of other companies can be viewed by using the services of websites, such as Compare the Market and Money Supermarket.

Which insurance companies provide cover for blocks of flats?

1st Sure and Endsleigh websites both offer Blocks of flats insurance. It is a crucial insurance for landlords to protect their buildings against damaged caused by a variety of events from fire, floor to storms.

What US companies specialize in providing landlord household insurance?

Many large U.S. insurance companies provide landlords with insurance policies for their households. Some of these companies include Allstate, MetLife, Farmers, and Liberty Mutual. Other companies that specialize in these policies are USAA, Traveler's, and AAMI.

What companies offer rented house insurance?

A number of UK insurance companies offer insurance for rented properties. These include Direct Line, Landlords Building Insurance, Endsleigh and AXA. Insurance comparison sites such as Money Supermarket and Compare The Market provide a list of some of the firms that provide this type of insurance and attempt to find the cheapest rate.

What companies provide tenant screening services to landlords?

There are various companies that provide tenant screening services to landlords. Companies that provide tenant screening services online include Experian, Landlord Station, and Tenant Background Search.

Where could a person go to find detailed information about landlords contents insurance?

A good property casualty insurance company should be able to provide a landlord with adequate contents insurance. Travelers and Liberty Mutual are two that come to mind but there are many companies that provide this insurance.

What are some Medigap insurance companies?

Most companies that provide health insurance will provide Medigap insurance policies. These include companies such as State Farm, Allstate and Humana.

What companies provide Directline car insurance?

There are no companies in America that provide Directline Car insurance, as it is a british company. They are not affiliated with any online insurance companies, either.

What popular companies can provide motor home insurance?

There are numerous insurance companies that provide insurance for motorhomes and recreational vehicles. Progressive and Farmers Insurance are the best.

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