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Q: What company's logos is a kangaroo in a red triangle?
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What shape is the red kangaroo?

The red kangaroo's body is kind of a triangle the shape is a triangle!!

What is the name logo with a red triangle and a kangorro inside?

A red triangle with a kangaroo inside is Qantas

What company logo is a kangaroo in a red triangle?


When was Red kangaroo created?

Red kangaroo was created in 1822.

How high is the Red Kangaroo?

The height of a Red kangaroo, which is the largest of the kangaroo species, ranges from 165cm to 2 metres.

What specie has the red kangaroo evolve from?

the kangaroo

What is the species of a red kangaroo?

The species name of the red kangaroo is Macropus Rufus.

Is Kangaroo the fastest animal?

The largest kangaroo, the Red Kangaroo, is the fastest.

What species does the red kangaroo belong to?

The species name of the Red kangaroo is Macropus Rufus.

Is the red kangaroo a predator?

No. The Red kangaroo is a herbivore, feeding on grasses and other vegetation.

What does a red kangaroo do early in the morning?

a red kangaroo grazes on grass early morning

Which is the heaviest kangaroo know to man?

the red kangaroo