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I don't know if there are any valid statistics to answer your query. However, I was home schooled as were my brothers and I believe we have done very well. The three of us hold advanced degrees and are very active in our chosen community affairs. I don't believe it is an either/or situation. I believe it is which is of the higher quality. If parents or whomever is supervising the home educating are dedicated and dilligent It can result in a well educated, emotionally stable child. There are many options for home schooled children to inter-act with their peers and build their social skills. Such as sports, scouting, religious affiliations, etc...

What you'll find there seems to indicate that on any scale the sociologists have chosen to measure, homeschoolers do as well as or better than the people in the community schools.

Yes! Ivy League schools actually have specific recruiters for homeschoolers, because they ROCK! (I'm a homeschool dad currently talking to Harvard and Princton. They LIKE homeschoolers.)

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Q: What comparative statistics are out there regarding how home schoolers compare to non-homeschoolers?
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