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The Second Generation Computer used transistors

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What generation computer used transistors and microprocessors?

vacuum tubes, first generationtransistors, second generationintegrated circuits, third generationmicroprocessors, fourth generation

Which generation computer is ibm1404?

2ng generation. It used transistors and magnetic core memory

What are the difference between the first generation and the second generation of computer?

first generation used vacuum tubes second generation used transistors

Which technology are used in 2nd generation computer?

discrete transistors, usually made of germanium.

In what waysecond generation computer differ from the first generation computer?

Vacuum tubes are used in first generation computers and transistors are used in second generation computers. Second generation computers are ten times faster than the first generation.

Did second generation computer was electrical or mechanical?

Second generation computers used electronic transistors. A small number used magnetic amplifiers.

What are the different computer used in different generation?

FIrst generation- vacuum tubes 2nd generation- transistors 3rd generation- microchips 4th generation-integrated circuits 5th generation-artificial intelligence

What are the characteristics of each computer generation?

Each computer generation had different characteristics. The first generation used vacuum tubes, the second used transistors, the third used integrated circuits, and the fourth uses microprocessors. The fifth generation is still developing and will use artificial intelligence.

What are the major features of computer?

the major features of second generation computer are :transistors were used as a memory deviceprocessing speed was measured in microsecond

What is called the second generation of computers?

In second generation of computer transistors were used Transistors were took place instead of vaccume tubes in 1st generation High lever languages were used such as COBSL , FORTRAN and these were still used for some application Many finanacial programms were used in this computers In 2nd generation of computer the instructions was stored inside the computer memory Out standing features for 2nd generation of computer 1 very small in size 2 less expensive 3 more storage capacity 4 reduction of heat 5 faster speed

What are characteristics of second generation of computer?

the transistors were usedthe core memory was developedprogramming was in machine languagemagnetic taps and disc

Are Computers that used transistors are referred to as third-generation computers?

no, second generation. third generation computers used ICs.

Why second generation computer more reliable?

Transistors ran cooler than Vacuum tubes.

What are the 4 generation the age of computer?

First Generation- 1945-1956-Atansoff berry Computer. Second Generation-1956-1963-Transistors. Third Generation-1964-1971-Integrated circuits. Fourth Generation-1971-Present-Apple Macintosh.

What is a second generation computer?

A second generation computer was made of a board filled with individual transistors and magnetic memory cones. This occurred in the late 1950's and 1960's.

What is silicon used for in the computer industry?

making the transistors that run your computer

Why did the size of computer get reduced in third generation computer-?

The size of computers was reduced in third generation computer because the Integrated Circuits allowed 10 or more transistors per package unlike the one transistor that was allowed in the second generation.

How many transistor used in second generation computer?

Varied widely depending on requirements of the computer.The IBM 1620 a small scientific computer had from 1500 to 5000 transistors in the CPU depending on options included.The IBM 1401 a small business computer had about 10000 transistors in its CPU.The IBM 7030 Stretch a supercomputer had about 170000 transistors.The CDC 6600 a supercomputer had about 384000 transistors.The CDC 7600 a supercomputer had about 2900000 transistors.You can compare this to first generation computers, the largest of which the IBM AN/FSQ-7 had about 50000 vacuum tubes.You can compare this to modern multicore microprocessor based computers, a typical one of which has a couple hundred billion transistors per processor core integrated on one chip.

Who invented fourth generation computer?

Fourth Generation Computers (which are Microprocessors) were invented through the development of Transistors. Transistors were created by William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brarttain. Therefore, it is hard to tell a specific inventor of the Microprocessor.

Second computer made?

The second generation computers emerged with the development of transistors. The first of the second generation of computers was invented in 1956 by Sir Charles Romanseys.

What was the computer made of?

Several early digital computers were made of electromechanical devices similar to those used to build automatic dial telephone exchanges used at the time. First generation digital computers were made of vacuum tubes. Second generation digital computers were made of discrete transistors (most used germanium transistors but later some silicon transistors). Third generation digital computers were made of (hybrid, SSI, MSI, LSI) silicon integrated circuits. Fourth generation digital computers are made of microprocessors and other (VLSI, ULSI, etc.) silicon integrated circuits.

How did major development in the second generation computer change the computer?

Mostly the machines got smaller and more reliable as transistors replaced vacuum tubes.

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