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Oxygen, water, and food. And temperature control.

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Q: What conditions are necessary for humans to survive on the moon?
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Why do you need to take food to the moon?

Because there is no food in space/the moon, and humans eat food to survive...?

Are there any humans on the moon?

No. The environment of the Moon would require humans to live in pressurized habitats, since the surface conditions there are virtually the same as in space.

Why are the Gemini missions called the bridge to the moon?

They developed techniques for advanced space travel. These were necessary for Apollo, whose objective was to land humans on the Moon.

What role did chimpanzees play in the moon landing?

In the early stages of space travel a chimp was sent to find out if humans to can survive.

What are the conditions necessary for a total eclipse of the Sun?

In a solar eclipse, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth line up almost exactly so that the shadow of the Moon falls on the Earth.

What is a lunar settlement?

a lunar settlement is a model of a settlement that shows the things humans will need to survive on the moon if they live there. if they live on the moon, they will need things to survive. first, they will need water and food. second, they will need a storage place to keep their food in.

What would conditions be like on the moon for humans?

The Apollo 8 astronauts described the moon as very inhospitable. The moon has no way to support humans, Everything man needs to live must be carried with him when he goes into space, that includes the moon. The astronauts who walked on the moon could feel the cold in the lunar shadows. They also felt the heat of the sun through theid suits.

What are three reasons why there is no life on the moon?

The moon has no air for humans to breathe. The moon has no atmosphere with a gravitational field to keep you on the moon. The moon has no water for humans to drink.

What is a horse's environment it needs to survive?

they can only survive on the moon

Can you survive on the moon Why?

yes you can live on the moon today but you would have to have the right to survive the fridged weather and the no oxygen air

When was the moon first visited by humans?

The moon was first visited by humans in the year 1969.

Why can't animals survive on the moon?

Because there is no atmosphere in the moon.