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it needs to have lots of juice poured on top of it to keep it moist

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Q: What conditions do rice need to grow?
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Geographical conditions for rice and wheat cultivation?

Rice would only grow in moist and a warm climate whereas wheat can grow in cool and dry climate. rice would not grow in eastern India because its temperature does not not suit for the growth of rice's. it can be grown in south India which has a moist and a warm climate.

Do you need seeds to grow rice?

Yes, rice is an annual plant; both types of commercial rice are propagated from seed.

How much water does rice need to grow?

Rice needs a lot of water to grow. Rice is generally grown in swamps because those have a lot of water. Rice would not do well in a desert area, for example.

What conditions are needed to grow rice?

Many growing days available, sunshine, moisture, warmth, etc.

What climate does rice need to grow?

Rice needs a hot and humid climate in order to grown. This is why southeast asia and southern parts of the united states can grow rice and it explains why rice is a huge staple food in asian countries.

What conditions does parotoza need to grow?

There is no such thing as a "parotoza"

What are the conditions pasta need to grow?

Pasta does not grow. It is formed from other food products.

How much rain does rice need to grow?

it growss bst in rainy season

Were do the japaness grow rice?

NOT JUST THE JAPANESE GROW RICE, but a place where rice is grown is called a rice patty

In which climatic conditions do rice grow?

Humid (hot,moist), 200mm water for lowlands,100mm water for uplands :p

Why is tundra not grown rice?

tundra is a cold climatic place. For the production of rice the crops need high temperature for its growht. thats why tundra do not grow rice

What conditions does a plant need to grow?

Sunlight, Water and Soil