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he was a phycotic genious. he was so focused on power that it took over his head. He was a crazy man and sick. He killed 6,000,000 Jews while he was in charge. A mass murderer that's all he was.

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What conditions existed that allowed people to inflict such cruetly during the holocaust?


What conditions existed that allawed people to inflict such cruelty?

A war, greater secrecy and more authority is given during a war.

What conditions existed that allowed Nazis to inflict such cruelty on Jews?

I dont undrstand what you mean by conditions but the things that they wouldn't let Jewish people do was example: They wouldn't let them ride the trains, they wouldn't let them ride their bikes and etc. They also had to wear stars that looked like the star of david.

What conditions existed that allowed people to inflict such cruelty in the holocaust?

There were a number of different factors that lead to people being so cruel during the Holocaust. For one thing, German society was highly anti Semitic, and this lead to people dehumanizing Jewish people. For another, people were able to act horribly and just blame it on the fact that they were ordered to do so. There was also a war on, and the SS could do anything that it wanted under the cover of the war.

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What instruments were used to inflict pain as a penance in the early Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerNo instruments were ever used to inflict pain as a penance in the early Church or today.

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