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Back in those days the world was experiencing an economic hardship or depression. Germany,looking for a "change" in politics voted in to power a young charismatic leader who promised things would get better.Under the socialist party,they began to genocide anyone who was not a so called pure blood,,they primarily concentrated on the Jewish people.

The immediate cause of the Holocaust was the rise of the National Socialist (also known as Nazi) Party in Germany, but it had deep historical roots. Jews had been persecuted in Europe for over a thousand years prior to the Holocaust. The Christians of Europe were never happy with the refusal of Jews to convert to Christianity, and Christians tended to regard Jews as unwelcome interlopers in European countries.

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Q: What conditions that made it possible for the Holocaust to happen?
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What was Hitler's view on the Holocaust?

He approved of the Holocaust and was the one who made the Holocaust happen.

Who made the Holocaust happen?

Adolf Hitler was behind the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Was Joseph Goebbels a perpetrator or a victim of the Holocaust?

perpetrator, like Hitler he did not actually kill anyone himself, but he helped create the environment that made the Holocaust possible.

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What were some events that made the Holocaust possible?

The First World War The Russian Revolution The Wall Street Crash

What were attempts made to end the Holocaust?

The Allies made no specific attempt to end the Holocaust.

What if there was no World War 1 what would happen?

Germany's depression wouldn't have been as bad, which might've made people think twice about giving Hitler all of these positions, and could've made the Holocaust never happen.

What countries were responsible for the Holocaust?

Germany is the country that made the holocaust

Who made the holocaust happen besides Hitler?

The entire Nazi leadership was responsible. Most of the detailed planning was handled by Himmler and Heydrich.

What made the Holocaust possible?

Long-standing demonization of the Jews.Conspiracy theories about the Jews.A regime headed by people with absoutely no conscience at all.Willing accomplices.Germany's reputation as a highly civilized country made early reports sound implausible.World War 2 made it possible to hide much of it.If you want to know more about the Holocaust look at related question

What effects did the war have on the Holocaust?

it made the Holocaust easier to hide. the volume of pows accelerated the need for the Holocaust

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How could Hitler make the Holocaust happen by himself?

He Took power at a weak time in German history after WW1 and blamed the bad times on Jews and Gays and made the people think that they were better and that the Jews were "imperfections" _____ The key point is that Hitler did not "make the Holocaust happen by himself": he had lots of helpers.

What was life like in consentration camp during the holocaust?

Awful. the Jews starved to death, were gassed to death, shot, made to work hard, made to go on parade, slept in squalid conditions etc...

What is the name of the illegal newspaper Jews made during the holocaust?

they made many illegal newspapers (or newssheets) during the Holocaust.

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How did Hitler use the laws strategically to make the Holocaust?

laws regarding the Holocaust were made retrospectively, as Hitler found out about what happened in the Holocaust, he backdated orders so that the actions were made to be legal.

Is there slavery in the Holocaust?

yes,there was slavery in the holocaust, the Nazis made working camps, which forced the people in this camp to build different weapons to the nazi army in less than minimal conditions, many people died in those camps, from weakness, starvation and more.

Which scientist made the Holocaust in Germany in 1933-1945?

There was no scientist masterminding the Holocaust.

What made the Holocaust start?


What made Anne Frank so famous?

Anne Frank became so famous because of her diary. The diary had everything that happen to her, in the holocaust, and to her life. it also made Anne frank so famous because she was the one that had written what had happen in that horrible history.

Were there shoes made of fish skin in the holocaust?

no, they were made from wood.

What was the decision the United Nations made about the holocaust?

In 2005 the UN decided to have a memorial day for the Holocaust.