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In the book "Finally" by Wendy Mass, Rory Swenson deals with conflicts related to growing up, finding her place within her family, and navigating friendships and relationships with her peers. She also struggles with balancing her own desires with the expectations and pressures placed on her by others.

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Q: What conflicts does Rory Swenson have in the book Finally by Wendy Mass?
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Who is the antagonist in the book finally by Wendy Mass?

In the book "Finally" by Wendy Mass, the antagonist is Rory Swenson, a boy who has a crush on the main character Rory. Throughout the story, he causes conflicts and obstacles for the protagonist, leading to the climax and resolution of the book.

What is the exposition in finally by Wendy mass?

In the exposition of "Finally" by Wendy Mass, we are introduced to the main character, Rory Swenson, who is about to turn 12 years old and is eagerly awaiting her birthday wish. The story sets up Rory's strong desire to finally become 12 and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her past birthdays.

What genre is finally by Wendy Mass?


What is the name of the school in finally by Wendy Mass?


What genre is finally 12 by Wendy Mass?

12 finally is like a coming of age book

What is Rory's full name in Finally By Wendy Mass?

rory sweson

What is the genre of the book finally by wendy mass?

"Finally" by Wendy Mass is a contemporary fiction novel aimed at middle-grade readers. It explores themes of friendship, family, and growing up in a relatable and engaging way.

What is the resolution of finally 12 by Wendy Mass?

im wondering the same thing!

Who is the author for Finally?

"Finally" is a song by American singer, songwriter, and actress Cece Peniston.

What is the falling action of the book finally by Wendy Mass?

In the falling action of "Finally" by Wendy Mass, the main character Rory resolves the conflicts and relationships developed throughout the story. The story's tension decreases as loose ends are tied up, and the characters are left in a state of resolution and closure.

What is annabelle's characterization in the book finally by Wendy Mass?

In the book "Finally" by Wendy Mass, Annabelle is portrayed as determined and independent. She is focused on achieving her goals and is not easily swayed by others' opinions. Throughout the story, she learns the importance of cherishing the present moment and embracing change.

Where is Wendy mass from?

Wendy Mass went to Tufts University for college