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Type into your search engine part of the answer you want. In this case "aluminium is used" would be a good phrase to look for.

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What are the elements for aluminum sulfate?

Aluminum sulfate contains aluminum, oxygen and sulfur.

What materials are in an aluminum bat?

I'm not an expert, but it probably contains aluminum. . .

What is the average aluminum pepsi can contains how much recycled aluminum?

On average 40% - 50% recycled aluminum

What contains more atoms 1kg of lead or 1 kg of aluminum?


Is aluminum in magma?

Yes. Magma often contains felsdpars, which contain aluminum.

What 2 substances are in aluminum?

Since aluminum is a chemical element it contains no other substances.

What Metals are in aluminum?

Aluminum is a pure substance. It is the thirteenth element in the periodic table. Aluminum is the only metal in a sample of aluminum, unless it contains impurities.

What ore rock contains aluminum?


Is Aluminum Nitride organic?

No. Aluminum nitride contains only aluminum and nitrogen. To be organic a compound must contain carbon.

Which metal is extracted from the mineral bauxite?

Bauxite contains aluminum oxide, from which aluminum metal is refined.

What does aluminum contain?

Protons, neutrons, and electrons. Aluminum is an element and therefore contains no other element.

Is aluminum chloride a metal?

it's an ionic compound, which contains a metal (aluminum) and a nonmetal (chlorine)

What is the atom of aluminum carbide?

Aluminum carbide contains two different kinds of atoms: aluminum and carbon. The formula unit or molecular formula for aluminum carbide is Al4C3.

Which energy level contains the most electrons in an aluminum atom?

=== ===

What product contains aluminum?

Virtually every aircraft in the world

How do you write aluminum sulfide?

The formula for the compound aluminum sulfide is Al2S3. Each Al2S3 molecule contains 2 aluminum atoms and 3 sulfur atoms.

What metals are combined to make aluminum?

Aluminum is an element, so you could "technically" say aluminum is a metal all by itself. Problem is, pure aluminum is almost unusably soft and it's extremely reactive. All the aluminum you use is alloyed with other metals. A very popular aluminum alloy is 6061-T6, which contains aluminum, magnesium and silicon. The strongest aluminum alloy is 7068, which contains aluminum, copper, magnesium, zinc and zirconium along with trace metals iron, manganese, chromium and titanium.

Is aluminum sulfate an ionic or covalent bond?

It is ionic because it contains a metal (aluminum), and metals can only have ionic bonds.

Is sodium aluminum silicate organic?

No. To be considered organic a compound must contain carbon. Sodium aluminum silicate contains sodium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen, but not carbon.

How is aliminium made?

Aluminum is made from a clay called bauxite, which contains aluminum oxide, or alumina. The bauxite is then refined to separate the pure alumina out. The alumina is then electrified to produce liquid aluminum which is cast into aluminum ingots.

What type of aluminum foil to use for reflection?

All aluminum reflects light well. Aluminum foil is made from an aluminum alloy which contains between 92 and 99 percent aluminum and therefor should be able to accept a good reflective finish..

Which substance contains only one kind of atom1 aluminum 2 ethanol 3 water 4 carbon dioxide?


Is there any Nickel in aluminum?

No. Both are elements. So Aluminium contains only aluminium. Nickel contains only nickel.

What rock contains aluminum silicates and other minerals?

Bauxite is the main source of aluminum. Albite is a feldspar mineral and is a sodium aluminum silicate All rocks contain other minerals.

Is aluminum foil a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture?

Aluminum foil contains Aluminium. Aluminium is an element and as such is not a mixture of other elements or compounds.

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