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Q: What contribution did Theodore Schwinn make to your understanding of cells?
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What were Theodore Schwann's greatest achivments?

Theodore Schwann's greatest achievements include discovering that all living organisms are composed of cells, and collaborating with Matthias Schleiden to formulate the cell theory. Schwann also made significant contributions to the understanding of digestion processes in animals.

What invention lead to a better understanding of cells?

The microscope lead to a better understanding of cells.

How did Theodore Schwann contribute to the cells?

He discovered that animals were made up of cells in 1838.

Why was the discovery of microspheres and coacervates an important contribution to the understanding of how life might have originated on Earth?

They are both fairly related to cells and scientists believe it fills a "gap" in time where we transition into cellular organisms.

Contribution of Felix dujardin?

it contribute a cells

What was Robert hookes contribution to cells?

he discovered cells while looking at cork.

How is the understanding of cells making life easier?

understanding cells make life easier because knowing about cells is knowing about your body and different parts.

Who was Theodore shwann?

Theodore Shwann was a physiologist from Germany. He discovered Schwann cells, yeast, and pepsin. He also was the person who started the word, metabolism.

What did Matthias schlemiel contribute to your understanding of cells?

All Plants Are Made Of cells.!

Who are the scientist study of cells?

Theodore Schawann Matthias Schleidan Rudolf Virchow

What did Thoedore Shwann do?

Theodore Schwann concluded that animals are also made out of cells.

What was robert hooke's contribution to sience?

He was the first to observe plant cells.