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You need a gamecube controller, classic controller, or a N64 controller with an adapter.

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To play GameCube games on the Wii, you need a GameCube controller and a memory card if you want to save your games.

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Q: What controller do you need to play super Mario 64 wii?
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Can i play paper Mario with a GameCube controller?

No, the gamcube controller does not have the same features of the wii controller.

Can you play super Mario sunshine with a Wii remote?

It is not possible for a person to play Super Mario Sunshine with a Wii remote. A person will need to plug in a classic controller.

Is Super Mario sunshine for-Wii?

no- sorry. super Mario sunshine is only for gamecube. but you can play gamecube games on the wii if you have a controller

Can you use a Wii Classic Controller to play Super Mario Sunshine on the Wii?

No. When play Gamecube games on the Wii, you must use a Gamecube controller.

Do you need a Nintendo 64 controller to play the super Mario 64 ROM on my computer or can you use anyone?

Yes, you do. But you can also buy a controller. You can get a PC controller, or if your play an N64 game i think you can one of those controllers. you can get a controller at, Walmart, Target, or Kmart. Or some place else.

Can you play super Mario galaxy 2 with the pro controller?

No it's only for wii.

How do you get rosesila in Mario Kart?

You need a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 1. Play it for a while ,then Play Mario Kart then it will say you have a gift From Super Mario Galaxy. then it will say you can play as Rosalina.

How do you play Super Mario 64?

You need to download a project 64and a super Mario 64 ROM.

How do you change the setting for the nes controller on Super Mario Bros?

You can't: Nintendo has no control settings on Super Mario Bros. because their are only two buttons and a pad needed to play.

Do you need a Wii controller to play the Wii you?

For some games you only need the game pad, but for games like Super Mario Bros U, you need at least 1 wii remote, preferable with motion+ and a nunchuk, depending on what you want to play.

Can I use the Wii U pro controller and a Wii remote in multiplayer for New Super Mario Bros U?

Yes, the controllers can be used to play New Super Mario Bros U

Do you have to have a GameCube controller to a play Mario sunshine?

Yes, To play a Gamecube game on Wii you need to use a Gamecube Controller. Which are widely available to purchase