What controls the air flow to a Bunsen burner?

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the metal ring that covers the holes is called the 'Throat'

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Q: What controls the air flow to a Bunsen burner?
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What controls air flow in a Bunsen-burner?

the air valve at the base of the burner

What is the function of Bunsen burner sleeve?

It controls the air/gas mixture.

Air inlets of a Bunsen burner?

The air inlet is on the burner tube; the flow is regulated with a rotating barrel.

How do you adjust the luminosity of the flame on the Bunsen burner?

by changing the air flow this can be done by opening or closing the air-hole near the base of the Bunsen burner

What color is the flame of a properly burning Bunsen burner?

This depends on the air flow; it is blue for a complete open air flow.

What is a Bunsen burner and its function?

A Bunsen burner is a device that is used to heat materials in science. It uses a flow of gas and an air hole to regulate the temperature of the flame.

What are the functions of the parts of a Bunsen burner?

The parts of a Bunsen burner include: the barrel, gas hose, base, collar, air hole and gas flow valve. The Bunsen burner is a small adjustable gas burner that is mainly used in scientific laboratories.

What is the thing used to control the air flow in a Bunsen burner called?

It is called the collar.

Uses of needle valve in Bunsen burner?

The needle valve is used to control the amount of gas flowing to the burner. The air valve controls the amount of air.

Function Bunsen burner?

A Bunsen burner focuses a lot of heat straight upward, instead of outward. This allows you to heat something up at close range without your hand or anything else getting too hot. Most Bunsen burners have a valve that controls gas flow and adjustable vents where you can control the amount of air that feeds the flame. Bunsen burners are a safe, practical way to apply heat in a chemistry lab.

Parts of a Bunsen burner adjusted?

There are two adjustable parts on the Bunsen burner, the knob to control gas flow and the rotation of the collar to control air flow. The gas flow control, adjusts the size of the flame by controlling how much gas is burned. While the collar controls the intensity of the flame by controlling how completely the gas burns, more complete combustion the hotter the flame. These are the two parts to adjust a Bunsen burner, I hope I have answered your question.

What is the function of the barrel of a Bunsen burner?

Control of the ratio gas fuel/air in the burner.

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