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If you are asking this because your dome light stays on, it is a VERY common problem on the Rangers. if you take it to the dealer, they will replace the door switch inside the door and it will fix the problem for 6 months or so. The way i fix it (i do this every 4 months or so) is to spray Brake Parts Cleaner on the lock mechanism in the door (where the latch is inside the door). wipe off anything that gets on your paint as it will eat the paint eventually. let it dry, then spray silicone spray on it and open and shut the door a few times, and you should be in business. for a very short term fix, pull the fuse for it (but you will lose other things too). 10-09-2006 - Friend Owl 1995 Ranger - The electronics of the timer control is in the computer module. This can also be a symptom of a failing computer module if the wipers behave intermittently or come one without warning. The module is located just behind the Radio in the dash.

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Q: What controls the time the dome light stays on after door is closed?
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Dome light on Ford Taurus stays on?

dome light stays on ford taurus

Why do dome light stays on when doors are closed on a 1999 Chevrolet cavalier?

Either one of the door switches is broken or the dome light switch on the dash is turned on.

Dome light is on after door is closed?

The dome light switch on the dash is on.

Dome light stays on when door is closed?

What type of car? Check door switches-pull them out to see if any are grounded Check headlamp control switch

Which fuse controls the dome light in a 2005 Subaru Legacy sedan?

the dome light fuse...any other questions

Where on a 2002 Freelander is the location of the relay which controls the dome light and the radio?

a relay does not control both dome light and the radio.

Chevy s 10 domelight stays on?

Check the dome light override switch to be sure it is off. This is the same switch that controls the brightness of the dash illumination lights.

2003 dodge neon dome light will not turn off when door is closed the door symbol stays illuminated with door closed?

The door latch as a ground wire attached to it. When the door is closed the circuit is completed and the light will go off. Check the ground wire in the door latch.

How do you fix a dome light that stays on in 1999 suburban?

Thia dome light comes in assembly and more than likely you need to replace it....

Where are the switches for the dome light located on the doors of a 2004 Olds Alero The dome light will not shut off when the doors are closed but the light works from the switch at the light itself.?

The switches for the dome light on each door of a 2004 Olds Alero are at the front of the door. They are on the door frame where the door meets the frame when it is closed. If the dome light is staying on, try checking the dome light control by the headlight switch, also. It may have gotten bumped when entering the vehicle.

Dome light stays on 2001 slk320?

When the dome light stays on in an slk320 one of several things could be causing it. A door switch could be bad, the manual light switch could be stuck, or the light relay could be stuck. Any of these could cause the problem.

In your 90' 300zx the dome light and map lights don't come on and the door ajar dash light stays on when the doors are closed what's that problem?

change blown fuse for interior light,fuse is found on the inside drivers side kick panel....

The dome light stays on all of the time in my 1996 Tahoe what can be causing this?

try looking at the swithes located where you door hinges are one of them might be shorted out causing your dome light to stay on.

Why does dash instruments show doors open when all doors closed and the dome light stays on for a while in a 2002 F350 Ford?

you have a problem with a door switchor wiring concern. the light will go out after a longer than normal time because of the problem

Why does your dome light stay on after the doors are closed?

Does it stay on forever? Or does it eventually go out? FriPilot

Key in ignition chime stays on when door is close 97 sportage?

the switch to that perticalar door is not making contact when the door is closed, Does the dome light go off or stay on for the same door ? check the switch actuator ,it maybe bent where it does not touch the door when closed.

Where is the dome light switch for 1995 Chrysler?

It's on the left side of the dash. the switch that controls the brightness of the lights in the dash board. slide it all the way up and it'll click the dome light on. Click it down it turns the dome light goes off.

Where is the dome light switch in a VW Golf?

Some interior lights do not have a switch per se ... the light fixture itself moves or tilts, and usually has three positions: # Off - lamp stays off regardless of door open or closed # Door - lamp lights when door is opened - shuts off when closed # On - lamp will remain on regardless of door open or closed

How do you turn off the dome light on an 87 blazer?

The switch that controls the brightness of the dash illumination also can turn on the dome light when turned all the way in one direction. That switch may be on.

Why are radio clock and dome light not working on 98 toyota t100?

Usually under the Steering wheel there are fuses for the Radio and Dome Light. Check and make sure they aren't blown. The Dome light fuse controls Time/Clock, and sometimes stuff like Door Lock controls, Keyless Entry Systems, Dash Cluster Lights, and maybe even headlight controls.For the Radio there will be Radio No.1 and No.2 fuses check both of these.

Why does the dome light stay on while driving a 1996 Pontiac Trans Am?

There are at least three reasons why your dome light may stay on while driving:Dome lights typically have three settings: (a) on while the doors are closed, to allow the driver to read maps, etc., (b) on while the doors are opened and off while the doors are closed, and (c) off, whether the doors are opened or closed. Check to see whether you've unintentionally left the switch on the a setting.If you've checked the a setting and if the dome light stays on, you may have a bad switch.The dimmer wheel, next to the headlight switch, may be turned up. Turn the wheel down to just below the notch.

Can a bad dome light cause the battery to discharge when the engine is off?

If it stays on all the time it will drain the battery

How do you fix a dome light that stays on in a Ford Explorer?

I own a ford explorer. Just play with the dimmer "wheel" until it turns off (with doors closed). If that doesn't work, turn the vehicle on then off a couple times. That does it for mine

What causes a 2000 dodge avenger dome light to stay on when the door is closed?

the seat belt sometimes makes the light stay on

Which fuse controls the dome light and the clock light?

With the year, make, and model I would suggest looking for a fuse labeled interior lights.