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What controls the time the dome light stays on after door is closed?


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2006-10-09 13:55:59
2006-10-09 13:55:59

If you are asking this because your dome light stays on, it is a VERY common problem on the Rangers. if you take it to the dealer, they will replace the door switch inside the door and it will fix the problem for 6 months or so. The way i fix it (i do this every 4 months or so) is to spray Brake Parts Cleaner on the lock mechanism in the door (where the latch is inside the door). wipe off anything that gets on your paint as it will eat the paint eventually. let it dry, then spray silicone spray on it and open and shut the door a few times, and you should be in business. for a very short term fix, pull the fuse for it (but you will lose other things too). 10-09-2006 - Friend Owl 1995 Ranger - The electronics of the timer control is in the computer module. This can also be a symptom of a failing computer module if the wipers behave intermittently or come one without warning. The module is located just behind the Radio in the dash.


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Either one of the door switches is broken or the dome light switch on the dash is turned on.

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The dome light switch on the dash is on.

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What type of car? Check door switches-pull them out to see if any are grounded Check headlamp control switch

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