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Glass is a more expensive material to produce due to the complicated processes involved in its manufacture. Plastic is created by the use of oil as its base. Perhaps, in the current state of affairs and the projected events of the future this will no longer be true. But as of right now, that is why glass bottles are more expensive than plastic ones.

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Q: What costs more to make glass or plastic?
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How does recycling plastic compare to recycling materials such as aluminum paper and glass?

Only aluminum is continually recyclable. Paper has a one cycle recycle life. Plastic costs more in processing and transportation costs than the plastic resins are worth. Household pay more to recycle plastic than it would cost to bury it. Glass is not cost effective to recycle because it costs more to clean and separate it than it costs to make new glass. The energy to make new glass is about the same as recycling used glass.

What is more durable plastic or glass?

Glass is more durable.

Do plastic Slinkys cost less the metal ones?

yes they our since metal costs more to make then plastic. Plastic slinkies cost about $4

Would glass or plastic shelving be better in a freezer and can you explain your choice?

Plastic shelving would be better in a freezer than glass because the extreme cold would make the glass more brittle and thus more likely to break.

Why do you use glass and not plastic to make windows?

Glass is more durable than plastic. Plastic is a porous material, which means with absorbs moisture and contaminants. Plastic will also deteriorate when exposed to sunlight. Basically a plastic window would turn yellow and become brittle after only a few years, where a glass window will remain clear and strong for a very long time.

Which is more better to use a glass thermometer or a plastic thermometer?

There is no difference in the effectiveness of glass or plastic. Glass is more fragile for breaking but easier to keep clean, plastic is safer for not breaking, and harder to keep clean longer. It is a personal choice.

Which is easier to recycle glass or plastic?

Yes, both glass and plastic bottles can be recycled, although which kinds of plastic depends on the recycling program in your area. Check out this article for more information:

Is glass more dense than plastic?

I believe so. If you had glass pieces and plastic pieces, and you threw them all in water, the plastic would float while the glas would sink. I hope this helped. ~;]]

Why is a glass jug better than a plastic jug when measuring water?

Water "wets" plastic more than glass, giving a lower reading

What are the relative merits of plastic and glass for lenses?

The advantage of plastic is that it is lightweight and more impact resistant than glass. The advantage of glass is that it is scratch resistant and provides the clearest possible vision.

Is it better to use a plastic or glass decanter?

When It comes to decanters, I always prefer glass over plastic. Glass appears more dignified and gives your wine or spirits an extra sparkle.

What is the different between steel conduit over plastic conduit?

Steel conduit weighs more, provides more protection, and costs more than plastic conduit. Plastic conduit weighs less, is easier to work with, and costs less than steel conduit.