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What Could A Painful Bump Behind The Right Ear Be?
  • The likelihood of it being skin cancer is low. However, you should have it looked at. Some people get little hard cysts (not cancerous) and they will either go down on their own or you can leave them or have them removed. It's best to let your doctor decide what it is.
  • You most definitely should see a doctor immediately! However the chances of it being skin cancer aren't as good as the chances are that it is a Sebaceous Cyst.
  • If it is a cancer of course you need to see a doctor and discuss treatment options. However if it is a Sebaceous Cyst like I sespect it is you still need to see a doctor. DO NOT wait it out and see if it goes down. Sebaceous Cysts can rupture and depending on the size and location of the cyst it can do serious damage. My niece had a Sebaceous Cyst on the right side of her neck when she was thirteen. She didn't tell her mother because she knew she would have to go to the doctors; luckily her mother found it when she was sleeping and took her to the doctor. But the cyst grew to be so large that if she had waited even two more days it would have ruptured leaving...well basicly a large whole in her throat which obviously would have killed her.
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Q: What could a painful bump be behind the right ear?
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