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I read the book and the best theme I could come up with was-

Never give up !

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Q: What could be some possible themes on the book Night?
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What are possible themes of The Outsiders?

well, the theme is about not judging a book by its cover,

What are possible themes for the book Lucky by Alice Sebold?

its about a dog AzizaManga: It is not about a dog. A possible theme might be the aftermath of rape and how to cope with it.

Themes in walk in the night alex laguma?

A Walk in the Night was authored by Alex La Guma and published in 1968. The book can be summarized by saying it is about apartheid and the anger it cause in South Africa.

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of what book???????

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The Glory Field is a book with specific themes. The two main themes of this book are inner strength and family ties.

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Some of the themes in the book Divine Madnness are Thriller Action and Spy Novel

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its about understanding

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the book is not by cont mhlanga, will get yu the themes.

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There are many themes that are found in the book, 'The Octoroon.' These themes are mainly life lessons that include love, jealousy, and greed.

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No. It could be a topic of the book. The book's theme would involve more than one word, most likely a full sentence, that can be applied to other real-life situations and not just your book.