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This may be do to corrosion or arcing at a connection point. Look for corrosion or blakened spots where the wires connect to the outlet, wire nuts, and breaker. Look also at the point were the breaker makes contact with the bus bar. If there are other outlets on the same circuit as is common, and the other outlets are working fine. Than you can skip checking the braker and will need to check the outlets on that same circuit where the problem outlet is fed power from. This is assuming that there is good power coming from the bus bar in the power panel. What you are looking for is something that can make resisance in the circuit. A broken wire inside it's jacket is also a possiibillity. Don't forget to check the neutral (usually white wire) for a problem. The most important thing is safety, shut off the power before checking the circuit and remember that the bus bars in the power panel are HOT with 110 and 110 or 220 volits. Something is using that power you are not getting to your appliance, and more than likely is turning it into heat. If you are not comfterable checking for bad connections yourself, call an electrician. It is very likely this is a fire hazard.

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What causes too much current in a 220 outlet?

The fuse is what restricts how much current you can draw from an outlet. If you have the wrong fuse you can draw more power than intended from an outlet - but only if the appliance plugged in can use it up. To get too much power out of an outlet, with a suitable appliance plugged in, then you also have to have a higher voltage in the outlet. And for that to happen, something has to be seriously wrong higher upp in the supply chain.

What could be wrong with the power steering and breaks are vibrating really bad on 1999 safari what could be wrong?

= "What could be wrong with the power steering and breaks are vibrating really bad on 1999 safari what could be wrong?" It started when I pushed on my breaks while in the park position =

A wall outlet has no electricity What could be wrong?

There are several possibilities: Check the breakers to make certain that none have "tripped". Open the outlet box and verify that there are no loose connections, if that doesn't prove helpful, follow the wiring back to the previous outlet on the circuit and see if THAT one has power. Verify that the wall outlet is not part of a switched circuit. Sometimes wall outlets are designed to be for lighting purposes only, and as such are put on a switch.

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Why would my cell phone keep blowing the power outlet fuse?

In one case: The charger, purchased from Radio Shack, was to blame. There is nothing wrong with the car's electrical system. This appears to be a common problem; Experienced this with several devices connected to the outlet. the fuse for the power outlets is located under the hood.

What wrong No elecrtrical power to rear of car?

it could be the turn signal switch

Why does an outlet at the end of a run that has power not work when you replaced it twice?

You need to confirm that you have power AT THE OUTLET, not just that the breaker is on. Something is obviously wrong or it would work. But it may not be the hot wire. Check your neutral. You may also be wiring it incorrectly. If you are not able to test for and solve these problems, hire a competent electrician to do the job.

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Why would the clothes dryer outlet heat up?

Loose connection, bad connection, they're are a few things that can be wrong. Shut the power down and open that up and check it out. The connection might be heating up. If that looks like the case, cut back and restripp the wires so you'll get a nice clean connection and install a new outlet. If everything looks good then consult an electrition because a dryer outlet can be a little warm but definately not hot.

Could putting wrong ram in computer damage it?

yes it could possible damage it if you put to much or too little

If you plugged a Super Nintendo into wrong voltage outlet Can it be repaired?


Has anybody had problems with the website ugg boots outlet?

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If it lost all power it could be the battery connection.

Why is a power block necessary for laptop power cords?

The power supplied by a typical household outlet is the wrong type and voltage to be used by most consumer electronics directly, including laptops. The "brick" portion of the power cord is the converter that adapts the power to the correct type needed by the laptop. This component could be included inside the laptop instead of outside in the cable, but this would in turn make the laptop larger and less portable.

What damage will you do to your car if you install the wrong power converter?

You have to be careful when installing power converters in your car. Installing the wrong type could blow up your speakers or not give them enough power to work properly which will in turn damage them.

How much to repair window blinds?

It depends what is wrong with the blind? Could you elaborate a little more?

Why dont the Power mirrors on 2001 dodge ram 1500 have no power what could be wrong other than fuse?

Bad wire

What would be wrong with your truck if you replaced the battery and still get no power?

It could be anything from the engine to the connectors

What is a polarized electrial outlet?

A polarized outlet simply means that you can't plug anything in "wrong". The "hot" and "neutral" can only plug into their appropriate slots.

Why did the Gfci reset but still no power to outlet?

When power is first applied to a GFCI receptical they will trip the reset. This has to be reset to power the receptacle. If it was wired wrong then the breaker feeding the receptacle may have tripped. Check the source for the receptacle at the electrical panel to see if the breaker tripped the circuit.

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The power window motor could be bad.

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There is no power go to the motor. Test the wires to see if there is power to it.

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How do you rewire an outlet?

Why are you trying to rewire it? What's wrong that you're trying to repair? If the wiring is damaged, you'd do more than if it's just a worn out plug outlet.