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What could be wrong if you have very little power to outlet?

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2007-07-04 04:34:19

This may be do to corrosion or arcing at a connection point.

Look for corrosion or blakened spots where the wires connect to the

outlet, wire nuts, and breaker. Look also at the point were the

breaker makes contact with the bus bar. If there are other outlets

on the same circuit as is common, and the other outlets are working

fine. Than you can skip checking the braker and will need to check

the outlets on that same circuit where the problem outlet is fed

power from. This is assuming that there is good power coming from

the bus bar in the power panel. What you are looking for is

something that can make resisance in the circuit. A broken wire

inside it's jacket is also a possiibillity. Don't forget to check

the neutral (usually white wire) for a problem. The most important

thing is safety, shut off the power before checking the circuit and

remember that the bus bars in the power panel are HOT with 110 and

110 or 220 volits. Something is using that power you are not

getting to your appliance, and more than likely is turning it into

heat. If you are not comfterable checking for bad connections

yourself, call an electrician. It is very likely this is a fire


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