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lack of confidence?

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Q: What could be wrong with your GMC if it hesitates?
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New engine 1991 gmc 5 7 less than 5000 miles Engine runs poorly sometimes Engine hesitates on take off and upon exceleration on the freeway sometimes stalls What could be wrong?

your exhaust is probly stopped up

If a 1995 Mercury Sable hesitates when shifting up in gears what could be wrong?

have you checked the oil level in the transmission ? I'm betting the answer is no

Your 93 z28 misses and hesitates after warming up Changed plugs wires optispark and TPS what else could be wrong?

dirty injectors

1996 Pontiac Sunfire it'll crank but hesitates to start what's wrong?

it could have a bad air filter or the fuel is clogged some where. or the batt could be going bad.

How do you remove the hand brake cable on a 96 gmc jimmy?

Hand brake? I thought the last GMC with a hand brake was in 68, but I could be wrong.

When you go to accelerate your truck hesitates and shakes a little what is wrong?

carburettar needs adjusting

If a car hesitates and bogs down when you step on the gas What is wrong?

Its broke - get a new car

What could be wrong if a 97 gmc jimmy gets no fuel?

Your fuel filter could be clogged up or you could need a new fuel pump.

Car hesitates to accelerate and shakes a lot?

Your car is not getting enough fuel if it hesitates to take off and shakes. The fuel filter might be plugged or you might have the wrong gas in your tank.

What could be wrong with your 1994 Isuzu Rodeo it hesitates when accelerating and you've changed to fuel filter?

It could be the mass air flow sensor located on top of the breather tube by the air filter. One way to check if it makes a difference is to disconnect it. Drive it and see if it still hesitates. If it does that could be the problem, was on mine. It can mean alot of things really! Timings off, fuel pressure regulator is set too high, plug wires are frayed, O2 sensor could be wired wrong, or going bad. Check all of these!!

Your 1996 gmc is sputtering just had a new distrubitor cap put on but not by dealer is that the problem?

It could be the firing order is wrong

What is wrong with 1987 305 TBI that misses and hesitates bad when cold but runs super when it warms up?

Choke is out of adjustment

What does it mean when a car hesitates from time to time?

What does it means when car hesitates from time to time

Your car hesitates when you take off?

Could be many possibilities. It would depend on year and model of vehicle you have.

What are the release dates for He Who Hesitates - 1919?

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Your 1994 Pontiac Sunbird hesitates when you reach 40 mph what could it be?

How does it hesitate? does it shake or seem as if it dont have a lot of power?

Why on 1990 Subaru legacy when you get on the gas it hesitates what would be wrong?

If you have good power when on highway and it only hesitates at low speed or from a stop you have a weak spark somewhere. Possible causes: Needs a tune up Fouled spark plugs Old plug wires Ignition coil about to die improper timing

1990 GMC 2500 with a 350 engine has new fuel pump TBI unit fresh fuel but still hesitates upon acceleration?

It is probably the fuel pressure regulator.some times it is something elts but who knows what that is

What actors and actresses appeared in He Who Hesitates - 1919?

The cast of He Who Hesitates - 1919 includes: Ethel Lynne Bobby Vernon

Oxygen sensor could that cause it to hesitate on a 93 F150?

engine light comes on and off. when light is on it hesitates and transmission slips. what could cause that on a 93 F150

When this 1997 sable is driving it downshifts and on its own and hesitates could it be the kickdown cable?

Check electrical connections on transmission for corrosion and/or moisture

Why does a 1996 GMC 4.3L hesitates at cruising speed but not at acceleration?


What is wrong when a car Hesitates when you press on gas pedal?

Depends....could be alot of things whether carbed or fuel injected.. if scannable, do so. 96 and up for free at some parts stores. Advance auto will. Pre-96 will need different scanners or code reader.

What is wrong when a 1989 Ford Thunderbird hesitates after it warms up and acts like it is out of gas but fuel pump and filter are OK?

Check the fuel pressure regulator or the fuel injectors.

Why wont the 1998 gmc jimmy run it will start and then die whats wrong?

could be the fuel pump or regulator or the fuel pump could be plugged. if it turn key starts, there's enough pressure but if it dies, fuel is not getting to the motor.