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can prilosec (omeprazole) cause a false positive for thc?

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Q: What could cause a false positive urinalysis for marijuana?
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What could cause false positive urinalysis result alcohol?

Since the urinalysis is testing specifically for the presence of alchohol in your excretory system, nothing.

What over the counter medications could cause a false positive on a urinalysis for methamphetamine?

My old doc said cold pills can do that...

If you have not smoked marijuana can it show up on a blood test?

No, it could not show up in a blood test. Sometimes certain other medications and/or supplements could cause a false positive, such as ibuprofen. You would always need to be upfront and honest with the tester about everything you are taking. Marijuana can show up on a blood test much longer than an urinalysis.

What could cause a positive marijuana urine?

The only thing that would cause you to test positive for marijuana, or THB that is what the test is actually searching for, is for you to ingest it either b smoking it or eating it. It is possible for you to test positive for THB just by being in a room with a high or heavy concentration of smoke.

Mixed non-uropathogenic gram positive flora?

A mixed non-uropathogenic gram positive flora is a possible result for a urinalysis. This means the urine sample did not have any bacteria that could cause an infection.

What prescription drug could cause a positive for THC?

The only prescription drug that would cause a positive result for THC is called Marinol (or drabinol). I took it for years when I had cancer. It actually is "marijuana in a pill".

Test positive for eating marijuana in a brownie?

You could test positive for eaten marijuana in a brownie. The marijuana will be in your system in 4 to 6 hours. It depends on when you have your blood test.

Can you die from marijauna?

It is possible to die from anything, including marijuana. If the marijuana is laced with something, that could cause problems. If a person smokes marijuana and then drives, they could get into an accident which could cause them to die.

Could prednisone give you a positive urinalysis for opiates?

Can predisone give methodone a negative reading for methodone

What would cause a lab test to show positive for marijuana if you dont smoke?

The test could have created a false positive, which is known to happen a little less than 2% of the time.

What legal substance could make you positive for cocaine urinalysis?

One thing is the novacaine the dentist shoots you with when taking out a tooth.

You had a positive urinalysis for marijuana and did not smoke what can it be?

You probably ate it. Nothing else can show up as pot. It is unlikely that you just got a wiff walking in a smokey room and it would show. Someone gave you a cookie or somthing. i totally agree...unless you ate it...i dont see how you could come up positive

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