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The knot is caused by stress.The stress can come from a variety of things and one likely source is the amount of sleep you do not get and the improper way in which you sleep.These can be relieved by massage and rest. I'd say it's a cyst,but head pains?Well,if your hair falls off or something weird happens to your skin,it's a skin tumor,I'm sorry.Good luck.

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Q: What could cause a knot behind your ear and head pains?
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What can cause brief shooting pains behind temple?

Brief shooting pains behind the temple of the head can have many causes. These causes range from multiple scrosis to a migraine headache and should be evaluated by a physician.

Can anxiety cause neck pains?

Anxiety can cause a psycho-somatic response to cause head and neck pains.

What are these pains towards the frount of your head not behind your eyes?


What causes stabbing pain in the head?

There could be several reasons why a person is having stabbing pains in the head. It could be a migraine or even a sinus infection. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause.

What are the sharp stabbing pains you get on top of your head or behind your ear?

a headache, or an ear peircing.

What does it mean when you get sharp pains in your head all the time?

You may be dehydrated! If it's sharp pain, as opposed to a headache, then you could be looking at a tumor or aneurysm. Whatever the true cause, you head is rather important. Schedule a visit with a neurologist.

II have a head shunt - you have been having funny pains in your head lately - could this be caused by the shunt?

have a pain in my jaw

You have been having real pains on the right side of your head and have now discovered lumps both sides of your head what could they be?

probably neurofibromatosis

Could you please tell me what is wrong with me as i have numbness and pains in my head everyday?

Go see your doctor. The symptoms you describe could be serious.

Knot on your head behind your ear what could this be?

mastoid bone

What causes head pains?

the sun

Can hitting your head cause a seizure?

If you hit your head hard enough to cause brain damage, then yes, this could cause a seizure.

Shooting pains in head?

Shooting pains in the head can be a symptom of a number of things. It can be a migraine headache, ad sinus headache, or head pain caused by a sore tooth.

What are lumps on the back of the head that cause constant pain and sharp shooting pains in back of the head if you've had this problem for over 2 years and now also have dizziness and balance problem?

Lumps on the back of the head could be from many things. A trauma to the head for instance can cause bumps. Head trauma should not be played around with. There could be something seriously wrong and without certain tests, you may not really know for sure. If no trauma was done, It would be best to still get checked out by a doctor. Pain in the head, dizziness and balance problems could be something serious.

What could cause severe pain on the inside of your left bicep when moved up or behind your head?

you're not flexible enough, and by putting your arm up it will be stretching the muscle.

What could be the cause of pain to the touch and tightness when your head is turned in the area behind your left ear about one inch toward the middle and just below the skull with no pimples?

It could be TMJ. It's a disorder with the jaw. It can cause pain with headaches, behind the head, the base of the skull. It can cause intense pain. Most patients go to the doctor with what they believe is an ear ache. TMJ is common and can be treated. It can cause neck pain, and should be looked into. Check the links section for a link to more info.

What would cause knots on head?

Knots on the head could be acne pimples on the scalp or elsewhere on the head. They could also be insect bites.

You have soreness behind your left ear goes to top of head sometimes it gets so bad you get very lightheaded and then get panicky occasionally you get shooting pains if you move your head a certain WA?

Go see a doctor.

How does effect heading the ball with the head?

Our head pains for a little time then there is no effect.

Can bad tooth cause shooting pains in head and ear?

Absolutely. I had what I thought was a migraine until I went to a dentist and discovered that my root canal had gotten infected. If you've got shooting pains in your head (especially the side!) or ear or neck, and you've already had those things checked out, definitely head to the dentist and get your teeth checked too.

What are teen pregnancy pains?

Pains that teens have while pregnant can be different. The most common pregnancy pains are back, legs, lower stomach, head and feet.

What neurological condition may cause speech and walking difficulties?

A stroke could cause both of these things. A TIA would cause this temporarily. Some sort of mass in the head or a head injury could also be to blame.

Could the ignition on a Trailblazer cause head lights not to work properly?

Yes, the ignition on a trailblazer can cause head lights to work improperly.

What can it be when you have a bigish lump on the back of your head and gives you very bad pains?

Go to the doctor, that could be serious! It could just be a benign tumor, or it could be a "pump knot" from an injury. Or it could be much worse than either of those. Even if it is the less serious ones, they might still need medical intervention. Benign tumors can be removed if necessary, such as when they are in bad locations or cause pain, while even a knock on the head could become complicated.

What could be wrong with your mother if she has shooting sharp pains in her head leg and ear?

She could have a pinched nerve. Take her to the doctor to see if they can give her anything to help reduce the pain.