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The knot is caused by stress.The stress can come from a variety of things and one likely source is the amount of sleep you do not get and the improper way in which you sleep.These can be relieved by massage and rest. I'd say it's a cyst,but head pains?Well,if your hair falls off or something weird happens to your skin,it's a skin tumor,I'm sorry.Good luck.

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Q: What could cause a knot behind your ear and head pains?
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What can cause brief shooting pains behind temple?

Brief shooting pains behind the temple of the head can have many causes. These causes range from multiple scrosis to a migraine headache and should be evaluated by a physician.

Can anxiety cause neck pains?

Anxiety can cause a psycho-somatic response to cause head and neck pains.

What are these pains towards the frount of your head not behind your eyes?


What causes stabbing pain in the head?

There could be several reasons why a person is having stabbing pains in the head. It could be a migraine or even a sinus infection. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause.

What are the sharp stabbing pains you get on top of your head or behind your ear?

a headache, or an ear peircing.

II have a head shunt - you have been having funny pains in your head lately - could this be caused by the shunt?

have a pain in my jaw

What does it mean when you get sharp pains in your head all the time?

You may be dehydrated! If it's sharp pain, as opposed to a headache, then you could be looking at a tumor or aneurysm. Whatever the true cause, you head is rather important. Schedule a visit with a neurologist.

You have been having real pains on the right side of your head and have now discovered lumps both sides of your head what could they be?

probably neurofibromatosis

Could you please tell me what is wrong with me as i have numbness and pains in my head everyday?

Go see your doctor. The symptoms you describe could be serious.

Can gas pain affect your head?

Gas pains can affect your head. Gas pains can affect many parts of your body.

What causes head pains?

the sun

Knot on your head behind your ear what could this be?

mastoid bone

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