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What could cause numb skin on the buttocks after a hysterectomy?

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βˆ™ 2007-07-26 08:28:18

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a nicked nerve. good luck

2007-07-26 08:28:18
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4th and 5th digit are numb what are the causes?

If your 4th and 5th digit are numb, the cause could be carpal tunnel. The cause of numbness could also be due to nerve damage in the connected nerves.

What could cause the left side of your head to go numb?


Does diabetes cause numb feet?

Yes diabetes can cause numb feet.

Why is your leg numb and cold?

my leg is not numb and cold. however, if your leg is numb and cold, it could be for any number of reasons. lack of circulation could be a cause. if it continues for an extended amount of time, i would recommend seeing a doctor.

Why does buttocks get numb when you sit for a long time?

Because the nerves aren't reacting to anything so they "sleep"

Why do the buttocks get numb when you sit for a long time?

Because, like everywhere else in your body, your butt has veins and capillaries, and when you sit on it for a while, circulation slowly stops, and then you go numb.

What problem does a herniated disc cause?

One part of the answer is that it causes pain to radiate down your buttocks all the way to your foot. Pain probably stays within a certain region of your back. It may also cause your fingers to tingle/get numb.

Can gaining weight make your limbs numb all the time?

Gaining weight by itself will not make your limbs numb. Gaining weight could, among other possibilities, cause circulation problems that cause your limbs to go numb. It is not normal, and you should probably see a doctor.

Is numb a noun or a verb?

Numb is a verb. It can also be an adjective.Verb: To cause to become numb.Adjective: A lack of sensation.

What diseases cause your toes to go numb?

I think a number of things could cause it. Paresthesia is one thing that can cause it.

Every morning you wake up with pin and needles in your feet what is it?

It could be from the position you are sleeping or it could be related to back pain/strain. Back problems are prone to cause tinglying on the legs/feet and pain radiating down your lower back/buttocks. If your feet feel weak or numb and it takes a while ( over an hour) to recover then you should see a doctor.

Could lamictal cause numb hands?

Numbness would not be a common side effect of Lamictal but we "never say never".

What would cause your right hand and lower part of your right arm to go numb and tingly?

This COULD (and I stress "could") be a sign of stroke. I would get to a doctor immediately!

How do you make someone numb?

Well.... to make something numb..... you could place ice on the spot where you want to numb them or take them to a clinic to take an injection.

Does too much blinking numb your eyes in the future?

Yes. Rapidly blinking can cause eye numbness and could result in loss of vision

Do they numb your lip before you get your lip pierced?

Nope. They just pierce it. Anything they could use to numb your lip would cause it to swell up, making it hard to pierce you accurately. Besides, it doesn't hurt very much.

Why are my lips chin cheeks and teeth numb?

Your lips, tongue, cheeks, and teeth could be numb due to lingual nerve damage. Lingual nerve damage has many causes, and it is best to consult a physician or dentist to determine the exact cause.

What causes the toes to be numb?

If they're too cold or too hot. Make sure that you wear good quality shoes that allow oxygen through and the bad stuff out. If you run a lot and aren't used to it, this could also cause your toes to get numb. Diabetes also causes parts of your body to become numb, including your toes. If your toes get numb a lot, ask your doctor to check you.

Why do my legs feel numb?

Depending on what you were just doing, there's a lot of things that could cause numbness in the leg. A real common cause of that sensation is if you had just shaved your legs, or if you were sitting in an awkward position.

What would cause legs to be cold and numb?

lack of bloodflow to your legs

Why do hands go numb?

many reasons, can't tell unless you know exactly what you have been doing that would cause your hands to go numb and what temperature you live in, because if it's super cold where you live, and the circulation could be cut off also

What are some synonyms for numb?

Unfeeling, painless,Sometimes numbness is caused by cold,sometimes things like walking in shells can cause someone to be numb.

What could cause an unexplainable numbness in a toe?

The toe has been numb for 3 days but hasnt changed color. I'm 30 weeks pregnant if that's relevant.

Can archery cause numb fingers?

If you shoot without a finger tab, yes.

Why are both of your big toes partially numb?

There are a few reasons why both your big toes are partially numb. One reason could be a vitamin B12 deficiency. Another reason could be diabetes.