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What could two bumps on the back of your head be?

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Could be lymphoma,go and see a lymphoma symptoms website.Good luck

2006-08-06 06:57:48
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Q: What could two bumps on the back of your head be?
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What are the two bumps in the back of your head near the neck?

your skull

What are the two big bumps on the back your head?

The two big lumps on the back of your head could be normal, due to genetics, or it could be an indication of something serious. These lumps can be caused by an infection or they could be cancerous so it would be wise to make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

What could be wrong if you have two bumps on your head and one on your back close to your shoulder and they feel hard and hurt when you touch them?

See a doctor immediately.

Bump on top of head two of them?

ya i have the same problem i have two inward bumps in the back of my head top backish i think its normal

What is fluid filled red bumps that occur on back between shoulder blade area?

Fluid-filled red bumps that occur on the back, between the shoulder blade area, could be one of two things. They could be body acne or cysts.

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What are three small bumps on the back of your head that have been there two months which don't hurt and they feel like bone and you do not have lymphoma?

You should see a doctor.

What are two small bumps on the back of the tongue in the tonsil area?

The two small bumps at the back of the mouth in the tonsil area are called hamulii. They are not actually on the tongue, they are located in the corners of the soft palate.

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The Asian aka Asiatic elephant has two bulges while the African's forehead's flat.

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stop shaving temporarily and then see where it goes from there.... the bumps on your legs may have nothing to do with your vagina bumps.

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bumps from two surfaces come into contact.

What could be wrong if you have been having this tingling sensation on the back of your head for two days now and you get it about twice a month?

Go to the doctor.

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nappy rash. or heat rash. ask your GP

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bumpes on an eyelid could be sty or it could be a rash that was caused by being shocked, mad, or depressed and it should go away in about two-four week

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I have two pimple like bumps on my vagina ine on the out side that doesnt itch or burn or anything but the one on the inside burns when i

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What are the two lumps on the back of your head that hurt when touched?

external occipital protuberances

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Are there lymph nodes in the back of your head?

i have a child of 13 i felt two swollen part at the back of her head in between ears.they r a little soft yet swollen,which could be felt only when looking i could'nt make it out pls reply and help.i am very scared madhumita

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What could cause these symptoms for the past 2 years sporadic head pain has been felt on the front right side of head Over time pain has become more frequent and worse now in back of head too?

Two years? I must ask: Have you seen a doctor? If not, why not?

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