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Things that people made in the past or famous inventors from olden times

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Q: What could you draw on your history book title page?
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How do you draw George Washington?

== == You draw a goof with brown teeth and a white ponytail. =) How much easier could it get dumb a**!!

What to draw on a title page for the history of new France?

a flag that is france

What should you draw on your history book title page?

Draw something relating to your history curriculum this semester. If you are taking ancient history, maybe Anibal with his elephants, or Jeghis Kahn with his horsemen. If you are studying medieval history, castles and knights would be good, for American history what about something from Louis & Clark or the Alamo, or the Boston tea party. I'm sure you get the idea.

What are some good ideas to draw for history for my title page?

maybe you can draw some Canadian soldiers, the Canadian flag, natives, some graphs?

What does frontispiece mean?

A frontispiece is the illustration facing the title page of a book, or the main entrance to a building (especially if it is decorated to draw attention).

How do you draw boondocks?

Its basic manga or anime. if you want to learn to draw manga buy a how to draw book or id advise you to go to or you could print and trace up to you!

What is a book draw in chess?

A book draw is a position during which it is possible to force a draw, no matter what your opponent does.

What is the best how to draw manga book to buy?

that depends on what kind of manga your looking for, i have a few book for manga but my books could be somthing you hate

What pictures can you draw on a title page about Canadian history?

Try a beaver and a canoe, maybe a beaver paddling a canoe. If you wanted it to be more accurate you could have a stack of beaver skins in York Boat with several Scots rowing. Or a couple of trees on the bank of a river will do.

What shall I draw on my Philosophy and Ethics book I have a tiny orange book that I do some of my philosophy and ethics work in and I want to decorate it to do with the subject?

you could decorate your book with your favourite religion.

How do you draw for a childrens book?

First, you have to find someone looking for an illustrator. Then, you have to talk with he/she to have permission to draw for the book. Next, draw the pictures about the book, and let he/she see them. Last, you and the author have to get the book legally published and copyrighted.

What to draw for your french title page?

eifel tower