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What could you name a rectangle?

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A rectangle is also known as a 4 sided quadrilateral

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What is the name of a rectangle slanted?

parallelegram is the name it is a rectangle that is sort of slanted

Could a triangle and a rectangle be congruent?

Could a triangle and a rectangle ever be congruent? explain

What is the name of the larger sides of a rectangle?

The name of the larger side of a rectangle is length

Name 4 rectangles that are not squares?

A 3x4 rectangle, a 5x6 rectangle a 78x2.3 rectangle and a 19x18.99 rectangle.

Could a rectangle be called a square?

no, but a square can be called a rectangle.

Could a triangle and a rectangle ever be congruent explain?

Could a traingle and a rectangle ever be congruent? Explain.

What is another name for an isosceles rectangle?

There is no such thing as an isosceles rectangle.

Why is a rectangle a rectangle?

The name rectangle refers to the right-angled corners. A rectangle is a four-sided shape with right-angled corners.

What is another name for an irregular rectangle?

A rectangle is irregular. The only regular rectangle is a square, so any rectangle that is NOT a square is irregular.

What is another term for rectangle?

A rectangle that is not square is an "oblong". Or you could say a "box".

What are four names for a rectangle?

One name is a square because the word square is a special name for rectangle

How are a rectangle an a rectangular prism alike?

Because they both have rectangle in their name!

What figure described could be congruent to this rectangle?

Any similar rectangle (with the same proportions).

What figure could be congruent to a rectangle?

Another rectangle with the same length/width proportions.

Is a quaderlaterial always a rhombus?

No. It could also be a rectangle, a kite, a parallelogram, a trapezoid, or just a quadrilateral with no other special name.

What is another name for rectangle?

Actually, there are several names for a rectangle that are correct. A rectangle is a polygon, a quadrilateral, and even, sometimes, a square.

Is oblong another name for rectangle?

Yes, Oblong is the name of a rectangle who's length is greater than it's width.

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