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Q: What countries does Hawaii export to?
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What was Hawaii's leading export in the late 1800s?

hawaii's leading export in the late 1800s was SUGAR.

Which export is gca EXPORT?

export obligation to export to GCA countries

What does Hawaii export?


What is Hawaii's largest export?

Kona coffee

Why countries export goods?

countries export goods so they can pay for what they imported

What is Hawaii's biggest nut export?

The Macadamia Nut.

Which is the largest sugar cane export in the world?


What was Hawaii's primary export to the United?

sugar cane

What was Hawaii primary export to the US?

Sugar cane

What was Hawaii's primary export to us?

Sugar cane

What are the countries in Caribbean South America are export oil?

The countries that export oil are Venezuela and Colombia!

Where is Hawaii located and how does this affect there import and export?

hows Hawaii's location affect what it imports / exports?