What countries dominate snowboarding?


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Canada, sothern eroupe


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Snowboarding will be part of the 2014 winter Olympics

Because snowboarding can be done in so many different ways, there is and may never be a world snowboarding champion. Some snowboarders dominate the type of snowboarding they do. For example, Simon Chamberlain seems to be the best street snowboarder, but my guess is that he isn't very good at downhill racing because of his time spent street snowboarding.

The countries that make up NATO are the dominate countries in the world. There are 39 countries involved with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Canada &nothern Europe

There are countries that is perfect snowboarding, and offers a great snowboarding and ski package are found in the U.S. and Canada.

Mainly in France where it originated.

The two main countries in western Europe are Germany and France. It would not be totally accurate to say that they dominate western Europe. There are other large and important countries there too.

The Germanic and Scandinavian countries.

Imperialism is a policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically economically or socially.

The two countries that tried to dominate the Balkans in world war 1 were Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. This conflict, due to alliances with other countries, is one of the causes of WW1 as the countries took sides.

Globalization would result in the consolidation of all companies and countries into one. All rules and regulations regarding snowboarding (or anything else) would be the same worldwide.

to allow industrialized countries to dominate developing nations

Culture should not dominate religion. Religion is the factor that influence and dominate culture.However, in some countries, people pay more attention to their culture (preferences in some doings, habits, clothing, relationships, sexism, ... etc) and let these cultures dominate their religions and faiths.

Japan wanted to get control of all Asia.

there is no difference, half pipe snowboarding is just regualr snowboarding on a half pipe

Snowboarding originated from surfing.

snowboarding, but you already had that correct.

Snowboarding in in the winter olympics

5 there is Africa,Americas,Asia,Australia and Europe Those are continents. The question concerned countries.

defenatly snowboarding. I've done both and I'd recomend snowboarding.

One can find snowboarding music on You Tube, through the Snowboarding Forum, and the Snowboard Magazine. It has a list of appropriate music for snowboarding.

The countries that are accepted are the states in the United States. Canada has many moose and cows and turkeys and snowboarding and mountains, and accepts order there.

For Women's Artistic Gymnastics: China, USA, Romania, Russia. There are many other countries just on the border of these groups.

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