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None. No schools or states have banned homework. Some schools have reduced the amount given but it is still given out.

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Q: What countries have banned homework?
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What are some countries that have banned homework?

Finland and Japan don't have homework. France's president considered banning homework.

Can you write a debate for me i am the for team for homework should be banned?

Obviously homework should NOT be banned because you need to learn how to write a debate.

Do teachers want homework to get banned?

Some might, but the vast majority of teachers understand that homework is an important part of the learning process. They would not want it to be banned.

Which countries are banned from participating at the StartSSL WoT?

No countries are banned from participating

Why homework shouldld be banned?

You spelled "shouldn't" wrong twice?

Has any other countries banned DDT?

Practically all countries banned DDT.

Which of these Beatles songs was not banned by the BBC?

come on can you please answer it? i need to do my homework!

Which countries have banned the Burqa?

In recent years France. In my opinion it ought to banned in all western countries

Should homework be banned for kids to relax?

No, homework is an intergral part of the learning experience. It should not be banned, but here is a tip: Pay close attention in class and ask questions if there is something you do not understand. The more you learn in class, the easier your homework will often be and the more time you will have to relax.

What countries is evanescence banned?

None, there is nothing dangerous/r-rated about there music

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Foods such as raw milk cheese are banned in the U.S. but allowed in France. Foie gras is banned in some states in the U.S. and countries like India, but allowed in France. Shark fin soup is banned in several countries, including the U.S., but still consumed in some Asian countries. Dog and cat meat is banned in many Western countries but consumed in parts of Asia.

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