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Q: What countries pay kids to go to school?
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Do Bulgaria kids have to pay for school?

yes the kids that are girl have to stay at home and only boys can go to school and they have to pay $10.00 to participate.

Do parents or government pay for kids to go to school in Romania?

No kids have to there self !!that stinks

Do kids really have to go to school if wanted to go?

Yes . . . in most countries, it is required by law to attend school.

Should kids get paidto go to school?

Children should not be paid to go to school. Going to school is a privilege in this country. There are many areas in this world where children do not get to go to school and learn.

How many schools pay kids to go to school?

well, if you look at the law, if david Cameron wants that to happen it will but so far, no one knows how many schools pay kids i don't think any school does

Do kids go to school?

Yes, most kids go to school.

What duties did pericles feel were important for a citzen?

kids should go to school you have to enlist and you have to pay taxes

Do kids go to school in Mali?

yes kids in mali do go to school.

Do kids in Kenya go to school?

yes,Kids do go to school in Kenya,But not all......

Where do Indonesia kids go to school at?

Indonesian kids which lucky enough will attend private school. But I think Indonesian kids mostly go to state school. There are also kids go to a muslim school ( MI / MTs / MA ) and kids from overseas attend international school.

Did all children go to school in World War I?

Kids continued to attend school during World War 1. In countries that had compulsory education before the war, nearly all kids continued to go to school. In many countries education was compulsory only up to age 14 or in some cases, only 13. In some European countries there were educational reforms in the aftermath of the war.

How many kids go to school in Washington?

About 38 million kids go to school in Washington.