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There is no country that borders three continents.

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Q: What country borders three continents?
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The Mediterranean sea borders which three continents?

The three continents are Europe, Asia and Africa.

What are the three physical features that form boundaries of the mainland us?


How many continents are in Mexico?

One or two, depending on your definition of continent. For most people in the world, it borders just one continent: America. For Americans and Europeans, it borders two continents: North America and Central America.

What is a country that has at least three borders?

The answer depends on what kind of borders you are asking about. Almost every country has at least three borders if you include such borders as those between governmental divisions such as counties, states, provinces, territories, etc. And there are land borders and water borders.

What sea borders all continents?

there is no specific sea that or ocean that borders all continents

Where a country at a meeting point of three continents?

Turkey is a country that lies at a meeting point of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its location at the crossroads of these continents has influenced its history, culture, and geopolitics.

What southeastern country borders three different seas?


Which republic in central Asia borders Russia China and Iran?

There is no country that borders all three countries.

What country in Europe borders three other countries?

Germany borders three other countries in Europe: France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

What desert borders Africa and Asia?

none! There is ocean between the 2 continents

What are the borders of Russia and what continents are they in?

Russia is comprised by two continents: Asia and Europe.

What three continents are north of Mexico and are considered to be a part of the US?

There is no answer to that question. There aren't three continents that are part of the US. The United States is a country, it does not have any continents in it. It itself is part of the continent of North America.