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What country colonized cambodia?

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The French colonized Cambodia.

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Is Cambodia still colonized?

Not it not colonized anymore. It use to be ruled by France Cambodia

When did Cambodia become a french speaking country?

Cambodia became a French-speaking country when France colonized it in 1863 and imposed the French language on the Cambodian people.

Which country colonized indo China?

France Colonized Vietnam and Cambodia while Laos had no involvement. However when the French declared war on Vietnam, Vietnam broke free in 1945.

How many countries have colonized Cambodia?

Only France.

Why was Cambodia colonized?

It was related to the history of the Cambodia. Actually, Cambodia was weak to defend itself from the foreign invaded. That the reason the king of Cambodia decided to put French colony for helping.

Is Cambodia a poor country?

Cambodia is a poor country.

What country colonized Chile?

The country that colonized Chile was Spain

What country colonized Honduras?

Spain colonized the country Honduras. Chistopher Columbus came to Honduras and colonized it.

What country colonized Thailand?

no country but Thailand, Thailand colonized its self

What is the only country in Africa to not be colonized?

Ethiopia is the only country which is not colonized.

Which country was colonized by Turkey?

Turkey doesn't have any colonized country

What European country colonized Panama?

Spain is the European country that colonized Panama.

What European country colonized Australia?

great britain was the country that colonized australia

What country colonized Antigua and Barbuda?

The country that colonized Antigua and Barbuda was England.

What European country colonized Venezuela?

Spain was the European country that colonized Venezuela.

Which country colonized the malay archipelago?

Malaysia was the country that colonized the Malay Archipelago.

Who colonized the Newfoundland?

The country that colonized Newfoundland and Labrador was Europe. It was colonized in 1949.

What is the new name for the country Cambodia?


What is the poorest country in Cambodia?

Cambodia IS a country, so it makes no sense to ask what the poorest country in it is.

What country colonized Mexico?

Spain colonized Mexico

What country colonized Morocco?

France colonized Morocco

Which country colonized Haiti?

France colonized Haiti.

What country colonized Gambia?

The British colonized the Gambia

Is Cambodia a Communist country?

Cambodia is not a communist country. It is a kingdom and democratically governed.

What is the biggest country in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a country. It is rather small - 181,000 km2

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