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The country was Germany, which used the Austrian-Serbian conflict to begin World War I in 1914.

Germany did the same two things (in reverse order) in World War II, with the same net result (defeat).

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Why did Britain declare war on Germany when belgium was invaded?

Belgium was a recognized neutral country and when Germany invaded Belgium Britain declared war, defending Belguim's neutrality. Peace.

What neutral country was invaded during WW1?

Neutral Belgium was invaded during the first days of the war.

Why did Belgium remain neutral during World War 2?

Belgium was invaded by Germany in May 1940. It was not a neutral country.

Why was Belgium involved in world war 2?

Belgium tried to stay neutral, but became involved after the Nazi army invaded their country.

Who were Belgium's enemies in World War 1?

Before the war began, Belgium was officially neutral. Germany invaded Belgium en route to France, so Belgium then declared war on Germany.

What neutral country did Germany invade to trigger Canada's involvement?

In the past the Germans have invaded many countries, but the neutral country invasion that angered Americans most was the invasion of Belgium.

Why did Belgium join World War I?

Belgium was a neutral country at the start of WWI. However, Germany invaded neutral countries like Belgium as a part of Schlieffen Plan to eventually capture France. This led to involvement of Great Britain in war to help Belgium.

What neutral country did Germany invade in World War 1 that angered the Americans?

In the past the Germans have invaded many countries, but the neutral country invasion that angered Americans most was the invasion of Belgium.

Why was Belgium important in World War 1?

Britain had guaranteed Belgian independence and it was a neutral country. When Germany invaded Belgium it brought Britain into the war and eventually America.

Was belgium neutral during World War 1?

No Belgium was on the Allies side. they wanted to remain neutral but were invaded by Germany in August 1914

Was Belgium neutral during World War 2?

Belgium was initially neutral, but was invaded by Germany on 10 May 1940 and surrendered later that month.

Was Belgium neutral in world war2?

On 19 April 1839 the Treaty of London signed by the European powers (including the Netherlands) recognized Belgium as an independent and neutral country. Despite it's neutrality, Germany invaded Belgium anyway to surprise the French army who did not expect Germany to cross neutral Belgium. Because of the German invasion Belgium became part of the "Allies" and was not neutral during the rest of the war.

What did Germany do to cause Great Britain To join WW1?

Germany invaded Belgium that was neutral

Why is Germany blamed for World War 1?

ANSWER1. Germany invaded the neutral country Belgium. 2. Germany was blamed for WWI because of their "excesses" of war.

What neutral European country was invaded by Germany and was a violation of international law?

Czechoslovakia, Belgium, USSR, there are more, but I for one cannot be bothered to look into the details for each.

Was Belgium neutral in World War 1?

I believe so... Germany invaded Belgium even though they remained neutral more info at http://militaryhistory.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_belgian_army_of_1914_

Was Belgium a allied power during World War 2?

It was neutral, until invaded by Nazi Germany

In 1914 the German army invaded Belgium on its way to what nation?

In 1914 the German army invaded Belgium on it's way to France. During the Schrieffer plan Germany thought that going through Belgium was going to be easy and that Britain was going to remain neutral if Germany attacked Belgium.

In which country did World War 1 Begin?

Belgium. Neutral Belgium was attacked by the Germans on there way to France

Why did invasion of Belgium turn American opinion against Germany?

American public opinion turned against Germany in WW One & WW Two for various reasons. In WW1, Germany invaded France & Belgium in August 1914. Because, Belgium was a neutral country, Americans were upset with Germany. The invasion of Belgium however was not the most important factor. Later, German unrestricted submarine warfare also turned American public opinion against Germany. Then as a final straw, the German's Zimmermann telegram message to Mexico further angered Americans. In WW2, Germany invaded Poland, neutral Denmark, neutral Norway, neutral Holland, neutral Belgium, and so forth on & on. German submarine warfare also turned public opinion against Germany.

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