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Jules Verne lived in France. He was a French author known for his pioneering Science Fiction and adventure novels, including "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" and "Around the World in Eighty Days."

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Western France

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Q: What country did Jules Verne live in?
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What was Jules Verne's birth name?

Jules Verne was born in Nantes, Brittany, France.

What was Jules Verne's full name?

Jules Verne's full name was Jules Gabriel Verne.

What is the birth name of Jules Verne?

Jules Verne's birth name is Jules Gabriel Verne.

Which scientist explained correctly about the centre of earth?

Jules Verne

Did Jules Verne live in the french emperor period?

No,the French Emperor period was ended in 1815 ,Jules Verne was born in 1828.

What is Jules Verne's full name?

Jules Gabriel Verne .

Where did Jules Verne die?

Jules Verne died in Amiens, France.

What is the country that jules verne described as a great reversed triangle?


What country was author Jules Verne born?

He was born in Nantes,France!

What is Jules Verne's birthday?

Jules Verne was born on February 8, 1828.

Was Jules Verne English?

No, Jules Verne was French. He was born in Nantes, France.

When was Jules Verne Trophy created?

Jules Verne Trophy was created in 1990.