What country did Sally ride explore?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Sally Ride did not explore countries. She discovered space. She examined Earth, other planets, and space's other features such as the stars. Dr. Ride may have been an explorer, but not one who explores land.

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Q: What country did Sally ride explore?
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What did Sally Ride explore?

Sally Ride explored how the space shuttle equipment works and the challenges that can be dangerous for being a astronaut.

What country does Sally Ride represent?

Sally Ride was a US astronaut.

What are some items sally ride found while she was explorering?

Sally Ride was doing science experiments in the space lab. She didn't explore.

Why did Sally Ride want to explore space?

It's kind of funny because I had to do a project with my friends on Sally Ride a year ago and we asked a question so similar to that. ;) But now for your official question, Sally Ride wanted to explore space because she was eager to learn about what lay there and what it was like.

What country did sally ride represent?


What country is Sally Ride form?

A+ Soviet Union

What is the birth name of Sally Ride?

Sally Ride's birth name is Ride, Sally Kristen.

Was Karen ride older then sally ride?

Yes, Karen Ride is older than Sally Ride. Karen Ride is Sally Ride's sister.

When did Sally Ride retire?

when did sally ride retire

What is Sally Ride's nationality?

Sally Ride was American.

What actors and actresses appeared in National Tribute to Sally Ride - 2013?

The cast of National Tribute to Sally Ride - 2013 includes: Sally Ride as Sally Ride

How old was Sally Ride'?

sally ride is 58