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Q: What country did merengue come from?
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What country is famous for the dance merengue?

The Dominican Republic is famous for the dance the merengue.

How do you spell merengue?

Merengue is correct, but so is meringue. Merengue is used as the spelling in the originating country of the dance, the Dominican Republic. To be different the neighboring country, Haiti, decided to use the spelling meringue.

What country is merengue from?

If you mean "meringue", it is a French creation.

Where does maranga the dance come from?

The merengue is a dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. In the mid-1900's Rafael Trajillo, the dictator of the Dominican Republic, made the merengue the country's national dance and music. I'm sure wikipedia has a section on it so you can check that out if you want.

What is the main dance of the Dominican Republic?

Well, there are over 60 dances but the national dance is if my memory serves me corect i believe it's la macarana.

When did the merengue become popular in the Dominican Republic?

when was merengue introduced to Jamaica ---------------------

What is a popular type of music in Venezuela?

Merengue, Salsa, pop music (english & spanish) Musica llanera from other parts of the country, gaitas from Zulia generally for Christmas what they want to listen to The younger people listen to regualr music too, they know all the new songs that come out in the United States.

What dances do dominicans do?

Dominicans have a variety of dances from Bailes Criollos to Merengue or Bachata our typical music is Merengue

How is merengue danced?

with your feet

What is El merengue?


Where did the merengue start?

The merengue dance first started in the year of 1927. It is best known as the national dance for the Dominican Republic.

What is Mexico's favourite dance?