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The phrase 'bona fide' traces its original use back to ancient Italy of the ancient Romancivilization. Specifically, it comes into the English language by way of the ancient, classical Latin. The phrase means 'in good faith'. In the word-by-word translation, the adjective 'bona' means 'good'. The noun 'fide' means 'faith'.

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Q: What country does 'bona fide' come from?
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How do you put bona fide in a kid sentence?

That's a bona fide diamond! bona fide means authentic, real.

What is Latin for In good faith?

Bona fide or in bona fide if you want to emphasize.

How can bona fide be used in a sentence?

Badges will only be sold to bona fide law enforcement officers presenting valid ID cards from issuing agency!

Give me a sentence using the latin word bona fide?

He acted in good faith, bona fide, when making the business deal.

What is a good sentence using bona fide?

A bona fide offer was made to purchase the company.

Can you give me a sentence with the word bona fide?

Clint Eastwood is a bona fide movie star.

When was Bona Fide - Wishbone Ash album - created?

Bona Fide - Wishbone Ash album - was created on 2002-05-21.

How do you spell bonified?

The adjective term is spelled "bona fide" (legitimate, genuine) from the Latin bona fide, meaning good faith).

What does the bona fide needs rule statute mean?

The Bona Fide Needs Rule is a guiding principle in federal spending. It states that Congress may only spend money if there is a bona fide, or legitimate, need that needs to be met.

What does the word Bonafide mean?

Bona fide is a Latin term for 'good faith'. It is used to describe something that is genuine. Generally it is associated with: An offer (a bona fide offer to do business etc). An object that gains status from being produced by somebody famous or in a certain era (a bona fide Picasso or a bona fide Edwardian Cabinet). A profession (He is a bona fide helicopter pilot).

What does bona mean?

Bona fide means in good faith. It means that something is true, with deceit, and without fraud. When something is bona fide it is not counterfeit.

Is wind a 'bona fide' accident?

No. The phrase 'bona fide' means 'good faith'. The trend is the view of accidents as collisions that can be prevented. So there's no such thing as a 'bona fide' accident'. But the heavy winds of a hurricane or tornado may be considered an 'act of God'.