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Q: What country does ISL stand for?
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What does ISLE stand for?

Could be any of the below or more. ISL - Institute for Sales Training and Leadership Development, international consulting and training institute Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics International Sign Language Formally,* Informally, ISL can refer to Irish Sign Language More formally, ISL is the SIL code for Israeli Sign Language A Trotskyist group in Germany, International Socialist Left (internationale sozialistische linke, isl) ISL is the NATO country code for Iceland French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis , a military research centre In mathematics, i.s.L. can stand for in the sense of Lyapunov In resources mining, ISL stands for In-situ leaching, a mining technique. In reference to a Storage Area Network, and switched networks ISL stands for Inter-Switch Link (disambiguation) Cisco Inter-Switch Link, a proprietary Cisco VLAN trunking protocol Ice Hockey Superleague, British based league (1996-2003) Illinois Security Lab Indonesia Super League, top-tier competition for Indonesian football clubs Institute of State and Law, leading Russian legal think tank, affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences. Intercon Security, a security firm International School of Luxembourg Inter Satellite Link Island Line (disambiguation) IBM India Software Lab IBM ISL Internet Services Layer Iranian Super League (disambiguation), the Iranian professional leagues in either basketball, futsal or volleyball Irish Shipping Limited Island Soccer League Icelandic language, a language spoken in Iceland (ISO 639-3, isl)

What does the isl stand for on syneron laser machine?

The ISL refers to the impedence safety level. The ISM reading refers to the impedence safety measurement. The RF will automatically shut down on a Syneron laser if the ISL reading is too high. It is important to observe the ISM readings and stay within a target range above 10 for proper efficacy. Always check the proper protocol for the intended procedure and take into account the patient's Fitzpatrick skin type before performing ANY treatment.

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