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Q: What country has the most difficult bar exam?
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CAlifornia Bar Exam?

California's bar exam is supposed to be the hardest bar in the country. It is one of six states that does not require a law school degree to sit for exam.

What classes are needed to pass the bar exam?

It depends on which country, since different countries have different rules. But generally, you need to have completed your college degree in law before taking the bar exam. Of course, there are exceptions (Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer), but these days, the courses you study as an undergraduate and then a graduate student prepare you for the bar exam, which by all accounts, is a very difficult and demanding examination.

Which state has the toughest bar exam?

This question is not possible to answer. It depends too much on the person taking the exam and what things that person finds difficult.

What test do you take after law school?

Most states have two requirements to become licensed. You have to take the Professional Responsibility Exam and the Bar exam for your jurisdiction. Some areas of law require an additional bar exam, such as the patent bar.

How hard is it to pass the CFA exam?

It takes more than three years to prepare and complete the exam. It is generally believed to be more difficult that passing the bar (law).

What is a bar graduate?

A Lawyer... A Bar is an association of lawyers that represent a region or country. To practice law somewhere you must pass the bar exam for that area. solicitor

How many questions are on the bar exam?

There are 200 questions on a bar exam

How many students take the bar exam per country?

Each country has a different amount, like some countries have about 2,000 students taking the exam while others might have about 50.

Did Abraham Lincoln have to take the bar exam?

No he didn't have to take the bar exam

Did Claro m. recto top the bar exam?

He failed the bar exam.

How can i be a lawyer?

It will depend on the country you are in. In the US, the standard method is to earn a Bachelor's degree and the attend a 3 year law school. Upon completing law school you can sit for the bar exam. Passing the bar exam will lead to being admitted to the bar to practice.

Is the bar exam required in the state of Wisconsin for an attorney?

Yes the bar exam is required.