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Ireland with 7 wins. See the related question below.

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Q: What country has won the eurovision song contest the most times?
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Which country has won eurovision song contest the most times?

Ireland has

In the eurovision song contest which country comes last most frequently?

Norway has come last in Eurovision 11 times, the most out of any country.

How many times has Luxembourg won the Eurovision Song Contest?

Amazingly they have won the contest 5 times. They are the fourth most successful country in the history of Eurovision behind Ireland, the UK and France. But they no longer take part.

Which country has won the second place in eurovision the most times?

The United Kingdom have come 2nd in the Eurovision Song Contest on a record 15 occasions to date.

Which country has come last most times in the eurovision song contest?

probably England... lol I'm so patriotic....

What country has won the eurovision song contest the least?

There are lots of countries who enter Eurovision but have never won the countest. However, Portugal is the country who have entered the contest most without managing to win.

Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest the most?

Ireland, who have won it 7 times:1970.1980.1987.1992.1993.1994.1996.Ireland

Which Country has come last in Eurovision the most?

Norway, 10 times.

Which countries have won the Eurovision Song Contest most?

Ireland has won it 7 times. Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom have won 5 times. Sweden and the Netherlands have won 4 times.

What do the winners of Eurovision Song Contest win?

A trophy, prize money and the honour of winning. Many go on to further fame, most famously ABBA who won in 1974. The winning country wins the right to host the next Eurovision, although occasionally a different country hosts it.

Where did the Eurovision entry 'Its my time' sung by Jade Ewen come?

'its my time' sung by Jade Ewen came fifth in the Eurovision song contest held in Moscow, Russia in 2009. It became the most successful entry in the Eurovision song contest from the UK since 2009. The song itself was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren specifically for Eurovision.

Was there 52 countries involved in the eurovision song contest?

No individual contest has had 52 countries participating, the most was 43 countries at the 2011 contest. However, the paricipating countries vary each year due to reasons specific to individual countries. As of 2013, a total of 51 countries have competed in Eurovision since it began in 1956.

What is the biggest international hit to have come from the eurovison song contest?

ABBA's winning 1974 entry "Waterloo" is most likely to be the biggest international hit from the Eurovision Song Contest.

Who is the most famous person from Malta?

Kurt Calleja, after he took part in the eurovision song contest and Joseph Calleja, famous for his opera.

How is the winner chosen in the Eurovision song contest?

There is a complex voting system where countries are given a set of scores to allocate to the countries that are performing. Each country that performs can award votes to any country except their own. Each country announces their votes one at a time and the country with the most votes at the end wins. There have been variations in exactly how the voting system works since the contest first began in 1956.

Who won the last eurovision?

Austria won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, which is the most recent one at the time of updating the answer. The song was called Rise Like A Phoenix, performed by Conchita Wurst, aka Thomas Neuwirth.

What do you win for winning the eurovision song contest?

You get the honour of having your contest host the next edition! As well most winning artists also go on European wide tours and is a great start for their music career!

Has Ireland won the most times in the eurovision?

Yes. They have won 7 times. See the related question below.

What country has the most allies?

Its Canada hands down no contest.

What happened during Siroushos first performance at the Eurovision song contest in 2008?

poor Sirousho could not here her voice because of the people who were cheering her and singing Kele-Kele (her song) so her voice wasn't so well,but at the Final she rocked the show and that year,she was the most popular singer of all countries she also have won many award during the Eurovision song contest in 2009.

How many times Ireland won the eurovison song contest?

they won 7 times the most ever

What was the most popular eurovison song?

A poll completed in 2005 found ABBA's 1974 winner "Waterloo" to be the most popular Eurovision Song Contest ever. However, lots of fans of the show will have their own personal favourite too!

Who won Eurovision with the most points?

Alexander Rybak won Eurovision in 2009 with a record 387 points.

What badge did Agnetha wear at Eurovision song contest?

It is very difficult to see because of her long hair but it looks like a military patch, most likely keeping with the Napolian theme for the song Waterloo.

Which country has won the song contest most often?

Ireland, with 7 wins as of 2011/2012.