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i think it was Spain but i really don't know and someone should really improve this answer

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Q: What country invented the tango?
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What year was tango invented?


What music do they listen to in Argentina?

the tango

Is tango Mexican?

No. Tango dance was born in Argentina, a South American country.

What country is famous for the tango?


Which is the ballroom dance invented in Buenos Aires?

It is either Tango or Salsa!

Who invented the tango?

The tango dance originated in the areas of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. This dance was created in the late 1890's but who created it is not known.

What was the persons name who invented the Tango?

No one person invented it. it originated from many different people as well as cultures.

What country in south America is famous for the dance the tango?


What is thermal decompsition?

tango tango tango tango tango tango tango tango

Is there a genre of music associated with tango?

The genre of the music? Oodles Answer: Country

Where does tango music originally come from?

Well the Tango originates from Spain. But alot of other country's added there own style to it. Therefore, there are many different types of Tango.

What is the Tango Habanera?

The antique Argentine Tango was influenced by the Tango Habanera, which bears no resemblance to the Argentine Tango we know today. The Tango Habanera came about from two types of Tango: the Milonga with its influence in the guajira flamenca and the Tango andaluz or Tango flamenco. The Milonga was danced and played by country side people of Argentina. The Tango Habanera was an amalgamation of the Habanera and the Tango Andaluz or Tango Flamenco. The rhythm of the guitars playing the Tango flamenco or andaluz could not be reproduced in orchestra instruments and with the piano, so the Tango andaluz or flamenco was modified with the habanera rhythm. The Tango Habanera was heard in 1883 but died towards the end of the century. The Tango Habanera has been entirely associated with the first forms of Argentine Tango. The flexing of the knees is associated to a dance called Candombe which was danced by the black people from Africa living in Buenos Aires. The male Candombe dancers danced with their knees flexed, to show their dance skills using walking steps (corridas) and turns.