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china is the leader in textile industry

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Was cotton a leader in the textile industry?

Cotton is an important component of raw material for the textile industry.

What country was the center of the textile industry?

London, England

Where is the textile industry located?

the textile industry is located in one part of the northeast.

What is Grenada industry?

Its a textile industry

Informal sector in garment and textile industry?

Informal sector in garment and textile industry?

Who is the Minister of Textile Industry for Turkmenistan?

Saparmyrat Batyrow is the Minister of Textile Industry for Turkmenistan.

What was the first industry to begin to use machines to manufacture goods?

Textile Industry Textile Industry

Example of secondary sector of the economy?

Industries of a country represent the Secondary Sector. Egs: iron industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry etc.

Functions of textile industry?

The textile industry produces textiles, which are made into clothing material, etc.

What has the author Walter English written?

Walter English has written: 'The textile industry' -- subject(s): History, Textile industry, Textile machinery

Can you make a sentence using textile?

I work in the textile industry.

Factories were first used by what industry?

The Textile Industry..

The first factories developed in what industry?

The textile industry

Factories were first used in what industry?

textile industry

What is the industry of Bangladesh?


What are important uses of sulfuric acid in textile industry?

i want to know uses of sulfuric acid in textile industry.

What would be an Industry?

Auto Industry Textile Industry is a couple for starters

What is the Rank of reliance textile in textile industry?

Number two After Raymond

Why is cotton textile industry called foot loose industry?

it is foot loosing because cotton textile industry not tied to resources, transport etc.

In what industry did the Industrial Revolution first begin?

the textile industry

What was the first industry to industrialize during the industrialization?

Textile industry

Was the first major industry the textile industry?

new jersey

What industry was first affected by the Industrial Revolution?

the textile industry

Which industry was most responsible for the development of factories?

The textile industry

What industry did the industrial revolution in us began?

The textile industry