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France as it was transfered to France from Spain and later bought by the US.

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Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from what country?

He purchased the Louisiana territory from France!

What country did Thomas Jefferson acquire the Louisiana territory from?

Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from FRANCE, specifically Napoleon.

What country did Jefferson purchase the Louisiana territory from?


Whom did thomas Jefferson purchase the Louisiana purchase from?

Jefferson purchased the Louisiana area from a country, France.

From which country was the Louisiana Territory purchased in 1803?


Which country US purchased Louisiana territory from?


Which country controlled the Louisiana territory?

Prior to President Jefferson purchasing the Louisiana territory, it was owned/controlled by the French.

America purchased the Louisiana terriotory from what country?

Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase from the French.

The united state purchased the Louisiana territory from which country?


The United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from which country?


From which country did Thomas Jefferson make The Louisiana Purchase?

He purchased the teritory from France.

In 1803 the US purchased the Louisiana territory form which European country?


Why was Jefferson willing to go against his ideas of strict construction to purchase the Louisiana Territory?

Jefferson was willing to go against his ideas of "strict construction" to purchase the Louisiana Territory because he felt that the purchase would benefit the country with trade and agriculture.

What territory did the US buy from France in 1803?

The Louisiana Territory was purchased from France on April 30, 1803 while Thomas Jefferson was President.The Louisiana territoryLouisiana .The Louisiana Territory was a large area west of the Mississippi River. It was 828,000 square miles. In 1803 , the United States bought the Louisiana Territory from France for $ 15 million. The Louisiana Purchase Treaty was signed in Paris on April 30 , 1803 . It was the largest acquisition of land in American history.The United States had to grow in size once it gained independence from England. In 1803, the young country gained the Louisiana territory in 1803 from France.

What constitutional issues were involved in the Louisiana Purchase?

Thomas Jefferson, a strict Constructionist, was the president who purchased the territory from France. In his point of view, he was not allowed to make land purchases for the country, but he did it anyway because it was a great deal.

With which country did Jefferson negotiate the Louisiana Purchase?

Jefferson sent Livingston and Monroe to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase with France.

The US purchased the Louisiana Territory from which country?

The Louisiana Territory had been a land purchase transaction by the United States of America of 828,800 square miles of the French territory "Louisiane" in 1803. The U.S. paid 60 million francs ($11,250,000) plus cancellation of debts worth 18 million francs ($3,750,000), a total cost of $15,000,000 for the Louisiana Territory.

What country owned the Louisiana territory before the Louisiana purchase?


What country owned the louisiana territory?


What country was the Louisiana Purchase purchased from?

It was purchased from France in the year of 1802.

What country purchased Louisiana?

United States

What are the boundaries of the Louisiana Territory?

inbetween the oregon country, spain territory and illinois territory and mississippi territory.

Which European country claimed the largest territory?

That would be France. Known as the Louisiana Territory, the United States purchased the region in 1803, from the leader of France, Napoleon Bonaparte. The United States paid $15 million dollars, and it became known as "The Louisiana Purchase."

Name the country that owned Florida at the time of the Louisiana purchase?

During the time period when the United States signed the Constitution, Spain owned the Louisiana Territory. France later gained the territory shortly before President Thomas Jefferson made the decision to buy it.

What country originally controlled the Louisiana Territory?


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