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Russia because of the bolsheviek revolution in 1917.

Technically, it was the Russian Revolution in 1917, which led to the Russian Civil War, which was won by the Bolsheviks.

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Q: What country pulled out of World War 1 in 1917?
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What event pulled Russia out of World War 1?

The 1917 revolution.

What country was pulled out of World War 1 on March 3 1918?

Russia was pulled out.

Which country left world war 1 in 1917?


The country that left World War 1 in 1917?


What country pulled out of World War 1 and asked for truce?


Which country ended its participation in World War 1 on 1917?


Which country had a revolution and left World War 1 in 1917?

Its Russia

Which country got out of World War 1 in 1917?


What country eventually pulled out of world war 1 and turned to communism?


What country departed from World War 1 by Germany in late 1917?


What country was the person from that won the Tour de France in 1917?

World War I

Who started the Russian Revolution of 1917?

Joseph Stalin became the leader of the communists and Dictator of Communist Russia in 1917, the same year that Russia pulled out of the 1st world war.

What country backed out of World War 1 in December of 1917 effectively making the war a one front?

Russia .

Which country joined world war 1 one year before it ended?

the USA Joined the war in 1917

How did the US get out of the depression?

The needs of World War 2 created jobs that pulled the country out of the depression.

What country withdrew from World War 1?

Russia withdrew from World War I after the October Revolution of 1917 by signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

What war happened in 1917?

World War I

Who declared war in World War I?

Germany was the first country to declare war on Serbia in World War 1. The other countries were pulled into the war because the had alliances with either Serbia or Germany.

Who pulled out of World War I?

After the Revolution of October, 1917, the Russian contribution to the Allied cause against the Central Powers pretty much dwindled down.

What country left world war 1 in 1917 and made separate peace with the central powers?


When did the World War I happened?


What country leaves the great war in 1917?


What effect did the Russians have on World War 1?

Russia pulled out of the war due to a civil war they were facing with in their country. The effect on the allies was that another country had to substitute Russia, the country to replace Russia in WW1 is the United States.

Which country joined the war in 1917?

If your referring to WW1 then the country would be "Russia".

What war took place in 1917?

World War 1