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Q: What country singer sings the Fruit of the Loom commercial?
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What country singer sings the Sonic coney dog commercial?

Sounds like dolly Parton to me.

Who sings comfortably in fruit of the loom commercial?

Its the lead singer from the band Rev Theory. Listen to any of their songs and you can clearly hear that it is him

Who sings tempted by the fruit of another in the fruit of the loom commercial?


Who sings truly scrumptous in the Truvia commercial?

Ebony Buckle is the actress and singer on the commercial.

Who sings the song in the pc black label martini commercial?

Pink Martini is the singer who sings the PC Black Label Martini commercial.

Who sings 'our song'?

Taylor Swift the country singer sings "Our Song".

Who is the country singer from Louisiana that sings the song just breath?

The singer who sings 'Just Breathe' is Faith Hill.

Who sings the newest Target spanish commercial?

The band that sings the new Target commercial is not a band. The singer is an individual artist named Adrian Guerra.

What country singer sings stuck on you?


Who sings the Tim Horton's commercial?

Canadian singer Suzie Vinnick

Who sings the walmart 2010 Easter commercial?

The singer is Stacey Steinmeier

Who is the male singer who sings Quizas in the loewe commercial?

Udi Kagan.

Who sings Date Night on commercial for Fruit of the Loom?

Tim Davis

Who sings the song Humana commercial?

The cover is by UK singer songwriter stickboy.

Who sings the song on truvia commercial?

In the latest jingles, the singer is Therese Hegler.

What country singer sings moments?

Emerson Drive

Which country singer sings 'What Do You Think about That'?

== == Montgomery Gentry

The country singer that sings home?

Blake Shelton

What country singer sings gone?

Montgomery Gentry

Which country singer sings the Christmas shoes?


Which country singer sings the song wanted?


What Female singer sings that rock song in that herbal essence commercial?

jadyn maria sings herbal essence song

Who is the female singer who sings in the Target commercial that shows a band on stage The song starts out I'm a loser. Later in the song the singer sings I'm a winner.?

it is killy clocson

Who sings the background music in the Christian Children's Fund commercial?

the singer in the background is Enya

Who is the female singer who sings the song on the 2011 Prius v commercial?

Petra Haden

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