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What country singer sings the Fruit of the Loom commercial?


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Vince Gill


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Its the lead singer from the band Rev Theory. Listen to any of their songs and you can clearly hear that it is him

Ebony Buckle is the actress and singer on the commercial.

Pink Martini is the singer who sings the PC Black Label Martini commercial.

The singer who sings 'Just Breathe' is Faith Hill.

Canadian singer Suzie Vinnick

The singer is Stacey Steinmeier

The band that sings the new Target commercial is not a band. The singer is an individual artist named Adrian Guerra.

Taylor Swift the country singer sings "Our Song".

The cover is by UK singer songwriter stickboy.

In the latest jingles, the singer is Therese Hegler.

The song and singer is: SONG-Fingerprints SINGER-Katy Perry

That is sung by Sugarland.

No, she only sings country

The singer is Ashley Gearing and the song is Back to Blu

Gretchen Wilson sings that song. She is a country singer and song writer.

Chris Young sings the song "Voices".

George Strait the country singer?

Tim Davis. He has several songs on Itunes.

Ottis Reading however is was not considered country.

country music artist Rodney Atkins

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