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Tiger Woods took more than one course at Stanford University. He majored in Economics and was sent to Stanford on a Golf scholarship.

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Did Tiger Woods get his degree from Stanford University?

No, Tiger Woods left Stanford when he turned professional, this was before he completed his degree.

What kind of education did Tiger Woods have?

Tiger went to Stanford University

Tiger Woods education?

Tiger Woods completed two years of an Economic Degree at Stanford University

What were Tiger Woods' grades at Stanford?

During his two years at Stanford University, Tiger Woods majored in Economics and maintained a 3.0 grade point average.

What school did tiger woods use to go?

he went to Stanford university

What collage did Tiger Woods go to?

Education: Attended Stanford University, 1994.

Were did Tiger Woods go to school?

Tiger Woods attended college at Stanford University. It was here that he was named an All-American on a golf scholarship.

Did Tiger Woods graduate from Stanford college?

No. Tiger Woods left Stanford after two years to turn professional.

What did Tiger Woods study in school?

He enrolled in Stanford University in 1994 and majored in Economics.

What did Tiger Woods major in in college?

Tiger woods went to Stanford University and majored in economics. He did not complete his degree and dropped out after two years to play golf professionally.

Where did Tiger Woods go to college?

Tiger Woods went to college at Stanford University but left after two years to join the professional golf tour. In college, his studies were concentrated in Economics.

Where was Tiger Woods educated?

He attended Stanford University for 2 years, he left in 1996 to become a professional golfer.

How was Tiger Woods educated?

Tiger Woods attended the Unversity of Stanford, on a golf scholarship. He majored in economics.

What did Tiger Woods do after university?

He went to college at Stanford University but only stayed for two years. He left to join the professional golf tour.

Did Tiger Woods get a scholarship at Stanford?

Yes, Tiger Woods earned a golf scholarship to attend Stanford. He only attended for two years before deciding to go professional.

What degree did Tiger Woods attain?

Although Tiger Woods attended Stanford University he didn't actually graduate. He began at Stanford in 1993 and played on their golf team for a couple of seasons and attained some high standards and honours. However in August 1996 he turned pro and left Stanford, therefore he does not hold any degree.

What degrees does Tiger Woods hold?

None, he never graduated Stanford.

What is Tiger Woods academic standing at Stanford?

Tiger Woods never graduated from Stanford.In his two years there, he majored in Economics and maintained a 3.0 grade point average. He dropped out to play professional golf.

Did Tiger Woods go to college?

Yes, he went to Stanford for 2 years.

Did Tiger Woods finish college?

He left Stanford in 1996 when he turned pro.

What year did Tiger Woods attend college?

He went to Stanford from 1994-1996.

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