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Q: What creature is most able to withstand the effects of radiation?
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Type B packages must be able to meet Type A requirements and also withstand the effects of?

A. Higher radiation

How many pounds should a guardrail system be able to withstand?

1200 poundsa guardrail system be able to withstand at least 200 pounds.

What are some of the most severe side effects from radiation therapy?

The most severe side effects from radiation therapy depend on the patient and the area that's being treated. Patients often experience skin irritation or a lack of being able to produce saliva. Nausea and fatigue are quite common side effects and a percentage of patients will also experience hair loss.

Why we're the allies able to withstand German assaults?

The Allied Forces were not always able to withstand German assaults but they often did because they were well led, well supplied and they used ingenuity to find ways to conquer the Germans in many battles. The American troops were another reason why the allies were able to withstand the assaults.American troops

How do you get your spores in the game?

-For the CELL stage the computer will choose a cell creature for you. -In the CREATURE stage you will by able to choose or create a cell creature to use in game. -For the tribal,civilization and space you will be able to choose a normal creature or create one. BE SHORE YOU HAVE 'SPORE' NOT 'SPORE CREATURE CREATOR' BECAUSE IN 'CREATURE CREATOR' YOU CAN ONLY CREATE CREATURES.

Any building that wishes to survive a substantial earthquake should be able to do this?

Any building that wishes to survive a substantial earthquake should be able to flex. Construction companies know how to make a building better withstand the effects of earthquakes by making them more flexible.

When a computer is it will be able to withstand battlefield conditions?

mickkeys mom is a hoe

What is another word for able to withstand severe weather conditions?


What is the scientific definition for strong?

able to withstand great force or pressure

What is the advantage of resistant spores?

They able to withstand extreme environmental temperature.

Why where he caribs able to withstand European domination?

Agressive War-like

Why are you not crushed by atmosperic pressure?

Because your structure has evolved in order to withstand atmospheric pressure. A creature that could not survive atmospheric pressures would not be able to survive, and therefore would not be able to produce offspring. All of the body's tissues contain dissolved air (nitrogen & oxygen) at pressure equilibrium with the atmosphere. In effect the body "pushes back" against atmospheric pressure, just as ocean creatures withstand crushing water pressure by mostly consisting of water.