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While it would vary from school to school, the basic credentials would be an associates or bachelor degree in teaching with a specialization in online courses. There seems to be more need for teachers online as more course are offered that way.

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The credentials that an online psychologist is required to hold are the exact same credentials that a regular psychologist must hold. There is little way of regulating online psychologists, but they must only treat illnesses that they are licensed to treat.

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Q: What credentials are needed for teaching online?
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Where can you find more information about teaching credentials online?

Each state requires different teaching credentials. Online information on the minimum requirements can be found at each state's department of education.

Can you take college classes online for teaching?

Yes. However, some states will not accept teaching credentials that came from an online school. Check with your state before enrolling in a school.

Where can you get a job teaching law?

You can if you have the appropriate credentials.

What credentials are needed at banks?

the credentials needed to cash a check are usually your credit card and drivers licence.

How do you get a copy of my California teaching credential?

I don't want a copy of your credentials.

Explain How the term credentials might be used?

Anything that provide the basis for confidence, belief, or credit. Example :He received his teaching credentials from the State Board of Education.

How can I check the credentials when choosing online tutoring teachers?

There are usually reviews of online tutoring teachers. Many tutoring teachers should also list their credentials as part of their selling point. If they credentials are not listed, you can always ask.

How long does it take to become a physical education teacher on line?

You need to have a BA/BS in education to teach P.E, so how ever long it takes to do 4 years of college online. You will also have to get teaching credentials to teach P.E. and take the required tests for teaching.

What kind of credentials would be needed to get into a social services career?

To get social services credentials, you may want to look into NASW. They are the world's largest provider in credentials for social service careers and jobs.

Credential in a sentence?

Credential is usually plural: "before giving a teaching position, the university will scrutinize your credentials."

Does an Indiana teaching credential transfer to California?

Most teaching credentials do transfer from state to state. However, licensing for the new state may be required in order to get a job.

What qualifications are needed for online teaching jobs?

The qualifications needed for this line of work vary to some extent depending on the job. Some require a degree level qualification, usually relevant to the subject being taught. Some also require a teaching diploma or similar qualification.